FUN SWINGFUN SWINGA common attribute of most of the country and personal plots are swings for children. The production versions are many. Swing you can make, as metal pipes and profiles and timber. The proposed design I saw in one of the parks. It is so simple that requires no special knowledge and carpentry experience.

Almost the whole structure (photo 1) collected from the bar section 100×100 mm. is Quite time-consuming nodes are steel shoes (2). For their manufacture the required pipes diameter 40 – 50 mm and a length of 400 – 500 mm and steel plate-the thrust bearing with a minimum thickness of 3 mm. the Latter is necessary so that when alternating loads shoes the supports had failed and did not get out of the ground.
The wooden part of the swing consists of four pillars and the crossbar (see Fig.), made from timber with a section of 100×100 mm. they are Joined in the lock and fastened by means of long screws self-tapping. For rigidity beams and side supports are connected to the brackets (3), which is a steel corner braces welded to the shelves. The struts are curved, but it’s easier to make them straight from the normal water inch pipe.
After you cut the boards the right size, make them a layout in accordance with the drawing and choose in the grooves. And on the bar do not forget to fasten the seat suspension components – bushings-brackets (4). Make them if you want you can own but it is better to buy ready-made.
1 – side support; 2 – bracket; 3 – beam; 4 – Shoe; 5 – protective Board

Assemble the swing on the ground, raise them, lower the shoes in a pre-dug pits. Aligning the props to fall asleep with the compaction of the pit with earth, and it is better to pour concrete.
Alternatively: collect first side supports and heel in their land. After that put in place the crossbar and fasten it with the supports by means of brackets. Without assistants, of course, the installation is not enough.
At the end of sleeve-mounted slats are inserted axis, suspended chain seat (5) and the seat itself, which can be done single or double.
The wooden parts of the structure be treated with antiseptic and paint, which will increase the durability of the product and give it a nice look. To make it better before they are mounted. Well, the paint color you choose.

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