BUS... We used to go fishing. On the distant lake, where pervalence always well caught pike and large perch. Our experienced “Muscovites” cheerfully rolled down the snowy highway. Quietly rustled the heater fan, the radio was flowing pleasant melody, and there were no signs of trouble. And then… Oh, it’s “suddenly”! — threw the thick snow. White muslin closed the horizon, and “wipers” hoarsely humming, barely parted namipasumu on the windshield slush.

Turned off the highway into a side road — long pond for another thirty kilometers. And immediately realized that fishing will not take place. The car was stuck more often, and to pass it became harder and harder.
During the next “the gymnastic minute”, which we performed to the tune of “one-two, heave!”, past us, not slowing down, there were two “Moskvich” with some unusual teeth on the rear wheels. One of them stopped, the driver got out and approached us.
We met with Pyotr Petrovich Kounavis who coined the original high flotation tires, helped us to reach the goal and agreed to talk about their work in our journal.
— It is, in fact, snow chains, rubber only, ‘ said Peter, when I arrived to his garage to see what was happening. — It is made from old tires, which can be completely bald. It is important only that its Board was strong. On a treadmill with a sharp knife or, even better, specially sharpened with a scalpel (pictured) cut out “window”. To get clean smooth cuts, at the corners of each “window” round punch to make the hole. The knife is periodically smeared with margarine, animal fat or soap and water. Then, from the tires and remove samokonasana in the bead wire ring. Remains openwork lattice, very elastic, jokingly named us “shopping bag”. It should pull in whole, but not new and already “balding” tires, previously removed from the disk. It is not easy work, it is performed with the mounting of the blades, screwdrivers, wooden wedges, etc. as soon As we can pull a “bag” on the bus and the right place, you can collect the wheel. Get dual layer tire with very deep tread, capable of driving in heavy traffic conditions. The benefit here is considerable: first, it is not necessary to buy special “winter” tires, which, incidentally, are rarely in the sale; secondly, in the case are old tires, even those that are for welding not suitable; third, greatly increase life of the tyre. In particularly difficult conditions it is possible to further improve the maneuverability of wheels with the “shopping bag”, dangling the air from the chamber, and under the lintel “shopping bags” palming off pieces of steel channel No. 5-8, as shown in the figure. After a rough patch, channels need to get. “Shopping bags” when going on asphalt is not removed, especially if the “window” small.
Peter opened the locker, and I saw a whole collection of spare tires, which were wearing “shopping bags” of various images with straight and slanted swords, round holes and crevices of intricate shapes.
On any occasion, — smiling, said Peter. — Tell your readers — I’m sure it will come in handy!

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