CHAIR: SIT, ROCK OUT, LYINGOf all home furniture chair is the most loved by people of all ages; it with pleasure get children; rest in it, coming home from work, adults; whole day can spend in the seat ill and the elderly. Because its construction is better suited for total relaxation of the body. The person reclines, like drowning in soft trim: arm comfortably resting on the armrests, head rests vysokou on back — body weight appears to vanish, dissolving in this soothing flow.

However, time has brought about changes in device furniture “Patriarch”, pushing from the apartments of his classic massive forms and proposing for the modern homes are more compact and simple versions. This makes it easier to house masters brave enough to make a chair with their hands. Indeed, the modern design is much less time consuming, does not require scarce materials, are composed of quite simple elements and it is available for self-Assembly.
Here are two typical structures of a framework type. They are United by the fact that the core and the other is made up of two frame sides and arms simultaneously. They are also the main load-bearing parts: adding support crossmember, we get the backbone on which is hinged the seat. It hinged — in “is the second feature (Fig. 1 and 2).
In the first embodiment, the sidewall is a classic box frame that is assembled from two vertical and two horizontal bars. Material to them may be smoothly planed boards or chipboard, veneered before or after sawing. Of the same planks harvested three strut-side bars, on both ends that cuts are made at a width equal to the thickness of the laths of the frame. One of the struts is attached to the bottom of the vertical parts of the sidewall, the second-and the one above it on the horizontal elements of the framework, and the third is in the middle of the front vertical brackets. Assembly to perform better on the spikes with sizing.
Seat-backrest of the chair will serve as the quilted mattress-hammock, cover which is sewn from upholstery or decorative fabric, and the filler is PATA or sheet foam. In the side seams of the mattress for extra strength sewn clothesline or cord. The ends of the mattress wrapped around the top and front struts are nailed to the nearest stitched seam. Front suspension seat wooden frame is carefully ground, polished and coated in several layers of light furniture varnish or enamel. In accordance with this selected and a fabric cover, also negotiated with the basic colors of the interior.
Fig. 1. Chair frame construction
Fig. 1. Chair frame construction:
1 — upper horizontal strap of the frame 2, the lower horizontal plank, 3 — quilted hammock, 4 — rail, 5, 6 — front and back vertical slats.

Fig. 2. Framework chair with soft pillows
Fig. 2. Framework chair with soft pillows:
1 — side rail, 2 — rail, 3 — rail. 4 — front vertical strap, 5 — rear vertical strap, 6 — suspended wooden rod, 7 — twist.

The second version of the chair can have a similar billet frame, but is different. Vertical and horizontal strips have inverted grooves, cutting each other. The upper front and rear rails reinforcing bars connected to the side straps, and all the details on glue and spikes, or screws. Through them, as in the first design, being transferred to the ends of the fabric base seat. To make it more “rigidity”, a clear boundary between the back and seat, this place is sewn round a stick, the ends of which are slightly beyond the edge of the fabric: they snapped the loop-wire that is attached to the lower rear crossmember. On a fabric seat base put two soft pillow, made from furniture or draperies, and stuffed with feather or foam thing.
If the above-described construction is designed primarily for area and living room, the chair, shown in figure 3, is suitable for Cabinet: it is rotating, which makes it easy to work at the table.
This item is the headset consists of two main components: seat with a back and sidewalls and a supporting part with a rotary device.
The seat base is a rectangular frame from bruskov by section 50X50 mm, which criss-cross wrap-a rubber band. The top will accommodate a foam rectangular pillow in the fabric cover. It is set a second soft element is slightly smaller back cushion. She, in turn, relies on a solid back from a three-layer shield: frame from bruskov 25×25 mm fins sheathed plywood thickness 2 — 3 mm. the back is fastened to the sidewalls is a hollow blocks-box, collected from bars 30X20 mm and also sheathed with plywood with a thickness of 1,5 — 2 mm, and the top covered with cloth. Armrests, overhead, plastic, or a combination: a plywood strip, foam strip and the cording made of synthetic leather.
Seat Assembly is attached to the frame of the rotary device with screws. The frame is assembled from steel angles and 25x25x510 25X25X540 mm mm — the size of the base frame of the seat. The lower corners on the M8 bolts are planted on the base plate rotating unit, screwed to the axle flange, one end abutting the platform, and the other in the floor crossbar. The clip is of appropriate diameter pipe, having a cross-shaped bottom kerf width equal to the thickness of the ribs of the cross, which she put on their slots with a tight fit. The end ribs have small mounts of metal or wood to protect the floor or carpet, on which stands a chair.
Who does not dream to have in his house a rocking chair? All this is good device, but too takes a lot of space in the room. You can do, however, folding rocking chair (Fig. 4). Assembled is a flat package that is easy to attach somewhere behind the door. And in order to deploy it in its working position, is not required.
This transformation was made possible thanks to the original decision of the seat. This “disguised” folding chair with fabric top. The lower ends of its reinforced metal corners and attached on hinges to the legs of the sidewalls, and top, connected by crossbars, with folding chairs and under load on a fabric seat are breaking, trying to push the sidewall. However, this is prevented by the annular stretched fabric backrest and metal strap-jumper, a hinge connecting the upper part of the leg of the seat and sidewalls. If the chair needs to be clean enough to put pressure on the sidewalls and squeeze it like an accordion.
Fig. 3. Soft swivel chair
Fig. 3. Soft swivel armchair:
1 — seat cushion, 2 — side, 3 — seat, 4 — slip armrest, 5 — cushion back, 6 — back plate design, 7 — longitudinal area of the swivel device 8 — cross has utolok, 9 — cross support, 10 — support platform rotating unit. 11 — a tubular strut with the axle and the bearing, 12 — pillow edges cross.

Figure 4. Foldable rocking chair
Figure 4. Folding rocking chair:
1 — arched support, 2 — foot sidewalls, 3 — leg chair, 4 — slat-bracket with hinge, 5 — high hinge, 6 — fabric seat, 7 — the cross-bar of the high chair, 8 — arm, 9 — ring fabric backrest, 10 — round cross member of the sidewall, 11 — strap-jumper.

If desired, a fabric seat and backrest can be made of leather or quilted, with additional soft layer of foam, cotton or Union shared a soft case. The arcuate support rockers bend after pre-steaming or are cut from the bar (birch, beech, pine) is a suitable width. All wooden parts are collected in a spike on carpentry, casein or polyvinyl acetate glue; fasten the ka metal rivets roofing nails with washers; and some of them are performed and hinges.
After the final Assembly and dry the wooden parts trimmed by a sandpaper carefully polished and covered with varnish. If you wish to brown or black color to apply the appropriate stain or black nitrocellulose lacquer.
Curvy old chairs suggested designs, thanks to which seemingly ordinary soft seat turns into a bed. However, enthusiasts of the universalization went in this direction a step further and created an option, which hides not only a sleeping place, but a bedside table and bookcase (see color tab).
As in the usual case, the chair-harvester consists of a rigid base-the seat and two recliner cushions. The bench-that is the secret: at the back of the shelf she made with the door hinges (or fold-up, hinged at the bottom corners), and from under the seat slides out a box, which is convenient to store bedding or rarely used items.
The material for such a base will serve, and plywood thickness 10— 12; mm, chipboard thickness of 18-20 mm, and the bottom sheet of Hardboard. Assembly detail — glue inserted wooden spikes, and screws. Chipboard sanitary requirements are supposed to cover enamel or lacquer.
The whole bench is sheathed with the same decorative fabric from which sewn pillow covers, except the seat: here is laid a layer of foam rubber and cotton wool, fixed with burlap on nails (better furniture).
Both pillows м0гут to be sewn separately. They needed foam mattresses or rugs, and the old cotton blanket. Foam tight rolling or folding is formed and stitched using buttons in the cushion base, which, like the book in hardcover, is embedded in the respective size part of the quilt and inserted in a cover made of upholstery fabric. Then, the cushion dock upside down to each other and to the seat and take a total strip of sturdy fabric (teak furniture), which is nailed on the bench, and the pillow is sewn with thick thread by hand. Now lift the cushions and lay them on the bench: one will be the seat, the other back. If desired, this seat can attach to side panels in natural wood or painted by nitroenamel pipe; get comfortable armrests, and the chair will gain a complete view.

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