Periodicals are expensive, but still they are discharged, because it is difficult to imagine today’s life without Newspapers and magazines. Given that each family member has their favorite publications, typed them in the house a lot, and they accumulate sometimes a large slide. It is not so easy to find the right edition, especially if the owner likes order and tries to clean up any wardrobe.

However, there is the option of easy storage of periodicals, when everything is in sight and at hand and at the same time will not form a pile of Newspapers and magazines. This is the original rack-stand offered to the readers of the German magazine “Praktik”.
The Foundation stands
Cabinet this design can be called, of course, nominally, only according to function, since its purpose is almost the same with a bookcase to store in it what is embedded. Only the process of inserting and storing here, as the construction is unusual: Newspapers and magazines folded and inserted into a special socket and are located separately, apparently producing a kind of step ladders, each of which is easily removed and then put back.
To make a Cabinet stand for everyone, because it’s going from just two boards, hammer together among themselves at an angle of 30 degrees. About the middle of the pine each of the boards drilled a series of holes with a diameter of about 40 — 60 mm: this will be the nest or cell storage media. For ease of insertion in each of the holes are made slits with a width of 30 — 35 mm. They are executed on each Board from the dock.
After the Board is already connected and formed a single rack — it can be further refined, giving more aesthetic: for example, cut down the upper part at an angle of 45 degrees — then stand will not look rough box. In addition, for a better fit to the wall of the corresponding edges of the boards stesyvajut a plane at an angle towards the inside of the rack.
It remains to choose the finishes (paint or varnish, depending on the profitability of the surface of each of the boards), and also to decide the way a secure mounting of the finished boxes to the wall.
Mounting stand
To attach the rack to the wall can be different: it will depend on the ability of the manufacturer and on the wall — concrete or wood. The latter, of course, is easier: nothing is easy in several places nailed or attached with screws. But the concrete…
However, a possible variant is convenient for any wall, and most economical work to without any extra hassle not only to install the rack, but if necessary, easy to dismantle it (for example, during repair of an apartment), and then again just as easy to install in place.
The plate is a metallic bracket, made the type of furniture tabs for hanging kitchen closed shelves. It is made of steel strip with a thickness of about 1.5 mm from it with a hacksaw saw off two plates — one will serve as the top of the bracket, second — bottom.
In the center of each plate is drilled and refined by a round file shaped fixing screw hole, and the corners there are four smaller, for attaching to both boards stands (therefore, the length of the plates is determined by the place). With this solution, even in the concrete wall and require only two holes for reliable screws that are prepared stand by their brackets will simply be pulled and dipped, drawing on the floor.
To ensure a tight fit of the “wardrobe”rack to the wall, in the place of installation of plates, brackets under them in the edges of boards chisel out the slots. If the top rack has a small slope, then the bracket is installed here below it remains invisible, baffling the uninitiated: this design is attached to the wall?

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