A"MAGAZINE-STYLETo make a coffee table for any house master. But when choosing a design most often stop at the traditional scheme: the working Board and four legs. However, such structures are inherent, unfortunately, a serious common drawback of low — stiffness. If you introduce additional crossbar, spacer or stretch marks, will worsen the appearance.

The table on the tab, elegant and extremely durable, the mount parts it is the most “artless,” but the source material is almost bargain — conventional drawer rail or sticks from the container crates. They are made from two vertical frames, penetrating each other and are bonded together across the web. It allows you to change the position of the frames relative to each other, and therefore, used for the cover panels of various configurations. The tab displays the cover of thick stake that highlights a striking pyramidal design of the base. But, of course, is not forbidden to use any opaque material, down to the tinted drawing boards.
In this embodiment, for the manufacture of the base will need 20 parts section З5Х35 mm and a length of 900 mm. Seven of them sawn in accordance with the scheme of figure 1. On the edges of the blanks DPJ give the entire product a greater volume zastrahovatsja chamfer at 45°, the future outer surface polished nadacia paper, using nappien and sandpaper and smoothed the ends. In large rail — 13 — the exact center of the drilled holes for stud — metal or wood.
The Assembly grounds are specified in figure 2 of the sequence. It is important not to forget to skip the long strips through an already assembled frame.
Fig. 1. The procedure for preparation of the slats for the base
Fig. 1. The procedure for preparation of the slats for the base: parts A — frame A; the details of the B — frame B.
Fig. 2. Scheme frames A and B.
Fig. 2. Scheme frames A and B.
A method of joining rails — bottom – up, using glue and nails. In the last turn introduced the centering rod.
When using glass cover frame will look the most impressive, if you cover them with transparent furniture laham. During normal worktop — depending on the type of the other furnishings — you can use enamel.
To glass cover does not slip on the upper bars of the base, stick them on small rubber washers or strips.

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