SAVING WATERIt so happened that I had to raise three boys. Well, boys — “always dirty hands and, as a consequence, dirty valves on the taps. Besides, Junior just does not hold up to the sink. And then I came up with a simple idea: specially for children to put the usual “rustic” washstand. And fix it so the water swivel mixer tap could be drinking or in a bath or in the sink or in the shower. First, put it next to the sink, and then when the children grew up and moved to the sink as shown in the figure to the side wall, attracted it to the bracket

And already the first months of operation we found that… …to wash and wash Rumi, using such a basin, much easier: no need to open and close the faucet, especially if your hands are very dirty
…the same piece of soap is 3 times longer: foam under the tap immediately washed off by the flow of water from the sink and the water is “on demand”;
…the water saves in 2-2,5 times, even though we wash hands not less often than before.
…sink does not interfere with showering and even creates facilities [for example, when you need to touch to flush eyes from soap); ..if the valve “does not hold” water, we turn the tube so that water dripping and wash basin; gathering water, it is sometimes enough that we four men could wash their hands several times a day (the price of water leaks from our krenov;
..change the gasket and seals and valves mixer ATAPI four times less .
ECHR to consider the lack of potable water and detergents, as well as the undoubted convenience, then this is enough for this device is interested in any family. Well. and to install additional sink any teenager. Adapted that we use here for eight years and quite happy with them.
engineer G. f a s t o in the Kiev region.

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