COVER-NOT the DEFICIT!Something I have done for drawings and diagrams, published in the journal under the heading “Club home of the masters”. In one of the rooms was a note on the machine to edit used caps from glass canning jars. I use a similar device for ten years, and it has never failed me even once.

In my fixture and differences that provide additional opportunities. First of all, the versatility: with a roomy ring the holder can edit the different size of the cover. Made on pivot arm guide wheel pressed by the inside of the holder, providing its rotation, run-in and alignment bent or deformed can opener the surface.
The design of The device is extremely simple. Those who wish to manufacture these, I want to give some explanation and recommendations.
Support legs of the lever and the bushing of the holder spaced a few; the carving on the leg support post, and which carries a lever ypravlaushiy wheel, does not interfere with the lever operation in the horizontal plane, that is, the thread provides ease of input and output wheel of the tool holder with a lid. Three holes in the middle of the lever will allow, if they neverlet, rearrange ypravlaushiy wheel. Arm taken from the old grinder; its seat is tailored to the shank axis. The frame is stationary, and the table is attached by two bolts M8.
Fig. 1. Machine-
Fig. 1. Machine-rectifier:
1 — bed, 2 — arm, 3 — front holder, 4 — tube holder 5 — axis tool holders, 6 — holder, 7 — node, the rectifier wheel, 8 — lever 9 — lever, 10 — slip lever handle.

Fig. 2. Node ypravlaushiy wheel
Fig. 2. Node ypravlaushiy wheels:
1 — wheel, 2 — pints, 3 — bushing, 4-arm and 5 — bolt.

Insert the cover into the holder and push it (to its rim or plane) ypravlaushiy wheel. Two or three turns of the handle and cover are like-new again!

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