SPINNING WHEEL IN RETRO STYLEIn “M-K” was published, the drawings and description of electric spinning-wheel; material found a ready response among our readers. However, some believe that an electric spinning wheel to use is not everywhere and not always convenient, and therefore asked to talk about simple, non -—, “grandmother”. For Example, N. Konovalov from Transbaikalia wrote us; “In the village of Russian Samobranka a necessary thing, and the city will come in handy too. But the thing is that artists who could make this old tool with foot drive, virtually no.” We offer you to become the master, the drawings and description of a spinning wheel is given below.

Samobranka foot drive is one of the oldest robotic assistants in domestic work. Checked more than one generation of knitters, it combines the rationality, simplicity and convenience. These qualities are retained, and a modern spinning wheel, shown in the figure. The principle remains the same: the horizontal spindle is driven in rotation by a belt from the large pulley, flywheel, and the pedal connecting rod. Material for main parts of tree.
Manufacturer of spinning wheels start from the strut. This would require a beam cross-section 50X80 mm and height 750 mm, preferably straight grained and without knots, of a solid wood (oak, beech. ash, larch). If the workpiece is of such a size is not available, glue it from several smaller sections. One end will zakruglenie, then do the through hole for the axis of the pulley spindles, this is the top of the rack. First go through the base hole with a drill of small diameter: about 3 mm, then counterbore d 19 mm on both sides under the bearing seats are concentric. Then drilled a hole in the bridge to 7 mm d — for pass axis. In the same sequence are sockets for bearings of the axis of the flywheel in the middle of the rack. Their diameter is 30 mm, and the channel axis is 11 mm. In the bottom of the rack cut on both sides of the inclined (at an angle of 10°) manholes to a depth of 10 mm and width 20 mm. if the Assembly will include the base of the spinning wheels, which can be cut from boards with a thickness of 20 mm or glue two sheets of 10mm plywood.
The pedal of the wooden plate dimensions 130Х270Х X20 mm is mounted on the substrate using conventional window hinges.
Rod — a wooden block of cross-section 15X40 mm and a length of 340 mm with holes on the ends to locate the bearings. It may be metal, but then to save the style and close it with a wooden pencil case-cover. As the lower point of the connecting rod during the swing of the pedal is forced to deflect in two planes, preferably its connection with the pedal to run through a spherical bearing, or you can use the ball tip of the connecting rod from the foot of the sewing machine.
Fig.1. The device is a spinning wheel with a treadle
Fig.1. The device is a spinning wheel with a treadle:
1 — spindle, 2 — spindle retainer with rubber ring. 3 — pulley spindle, 4 — strap, 5 stupica pulley. 6 — hour. 7 — bearing, vereteya, 8 — puck. 9 — shaft spindle. 10 — flywheel. 11 — crank. 12 — bearing. 13 — screw M3 14 washer 15 — rod, 18 — cover. 17 — the hub of the flywheel 18 to the shaft of the flywheel. 19 — the bearing of the flywheel. 20 — spherical bearing (ball joint). 21 — 22 screw M5 pedal.23 — the base. 24 — loop.

Flywheel the wheel and the pulley of the spindle is cut out of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm, their outer diameters are respectively equal to 100 mm. 370 and the Groove on the end face of the perimeter under the belt width and a depth of 4 mm or saws, or get sticky pulleys, three wheels: two lateral and a Central, reduced diameter to 8 mm. Then the pulley and flywheel are fixed by the screws M5 to their hubs, machined from brass or dural over-kotoski.
Bearings of the pulley and flywheel mounted in the rack — the same design and differ only in the size of bearings used: on the axis of the flywheel, the more work there and the bearings are larger. Axis fixed in the rack from the back side with screws M4. As the rotation of the spindle imparts khvostovoy the top axis, they are mutually fixed against rotation by the cotter pin.
The spindle is the metal rod ø 10 mm, length 300 mm, pointed with one hand, and the other having an internal longitudinal drilling d of 6.1 mm. At the shank axis, the shank is mounted as the hub of the pulley, through the radial through hole of the retainer with a rubber ring.
Drive belt cross-section 3X3 mm is better to choose leather. The ends connect, and foot sewing machines, a thin wire clip.
The drive to the flywheel from a rocking pedal — crank. The role performs an eccentric crank mounted on the flywheel axle of the connecting rod bearing. It is a bolt M8X1. clamped by the nut at a distance of 40 mm from the axis of the flywheel. Machined to d 6 mm shank of the bolt serves as a mounting pin for connecting rod bearing.
When all the details of the spinning wheels will be ready, start to finish. Carefully sand the surfaces, round sharp edges with a file; then programsuite hot linseed oil 2-3 times and cover with varnish. If you want to preserve the natural color and texture of wood, take a transparent lacquer furniture — SC-222 or SC-228. To ground in this case, they’ve diluted the paint with solvent in a ratio of 1:1.
The Assembly of the spinning wheel start with a fixation stand based on any suitable glue: casein, wood, epoxy. Then assemble the steak bearing assemblies axles, install the flywheel and the pulley, and connect the wheels with a belt.
Fig. 2. Stool
Fig. 2. Stool:
1 — seat. — support-legs
Next stage — Assembly connecting rod mechanism. Securing the upper end of connecting rod on the crank, rotate the flywheel to position the bottom dead point and specify the point of attachment of the sash loops on the pedals.
The last step of installing the spindle on the axis of the pulley.
In addition to the spinning wheel to make the stool suitable her size. The material use of a Board or glued plywood. The seat can be circular or d 300 mm square. Role have two legs connected by cross supports. To do this, they cut out the Central grooves in one support — on top and the other bottom half-height. When you build grooves into each other. The seat is attached by four screws. Holes their head Zaglebie and after assembling, close the wooden stoppers.
A few words about working on the spinning wheel. First rasterbate raw wool, comb it with a wire brush — Chesalov. Pull of the total mass of the puff of hair, and secure, for example, tie a knot on the spindle. Pressing on the pedal, bring the crank into rotation and make the spindle to rotate clockwise with convenient speed. Moving his left hand fiber and a little pulling on them, slowly tighten them in the same direction. At the same time they will be with more speed to twist and spindle. Having a thread of sufficient length, wrap it on a spindle rotating in the opposite direction. Re-tighten the thread by the knot and so on.

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