COZY CORNERIn modern life great importance is given to the presence in the apartment relaxation area, helping you to disconnect from worries, to regain strength after a day of work, relax. An important role is played in this comfortable chair. It is easy to do it yourself — for example, as shown in our drawings. The design is quite simple, but nevertheless it is present in the majority of typical units, typical handmade furniture. So the first thing to make the chair can be recommended for beginners to the masters as their first “big” goods — after all, this work will help to master necessary skills and gain experience.

Before you take tools, stock up on needed materials: boards section 40X110 mm 20X90 mm battens 20X45 mm nylon tape with a width of 30…40 mm, sheet thick foam rubber and upholstery fabric. Do not worry if you cannot purchase the materials specified sizes — take our design “based on”, make your option.


Version of the double chair.

Option double chair:

1 — M6 bolt (3 PCs.), 2 — bearing hook (steel 3Х20Х80 mm, 2 PCs.).

The base of the chair consists of two identical sidewalls. With their build better and to start the work. Longitudinal screed and armrests are joined with the legs in spike with spreading carpenter’s glue. Between a sidewall connected by two transverse screeds, fixing is done by four wedges.


Backrest frame and seat is made of slats to spike. Another version of the connection parts, pins, is used in the seat base. It is made from four planks and nylon ribbons intertwined.


All wooden parts are carefully vyshkurivaetsya and covered with several layers of clear furniture Polish.
Final Assembly of the chairs is to install the two M6 bolts that connect the base with the backrest frame. If desired, the side elements of the latter it is possible to provide several openings, then tilt the seat and backrest can be changed.
Pillow covers the seat and backrest are made of upholstery fabric to match the interior design of the room. Look good covers made from faux leather in red, crimson or black. The thickness of the foam inserts is about 150…200 mm Corporate look the pillows add a decorative upholstery buttons.
The armrests are made using the same material as the pillow covers and foam thickness of 10…20 mm.
If possible, the allocation under the area quite a large area we recommend to make a chair for two. In principle it differs little from the single — attached only one frame back and seat, a pair of pillows and an increased length of the cross ties. Of the backrest are connected by bolts with nut M6 and rely on the rear tie two hooks curved-steel strips with a thickness of 3 mm.
A good addition to the seat will serve as a coffee table, designed in the same style and design. The order of Assembly is similar to Assembly chairs: two independent
between a sidewall consisting of the legs, supports and the transverse rings are connected together by a pair of longitudinal tie-rods with wedges. The tabletop is cut from 10…12 mm plywood and glued veneer of precious wood or covered with stain and varnish. With tsargami it connects to the pins.
Self-made chair.
Homemade chair:
1 — leg (Board 40Х110Х500 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — the longitudinal element of the seat frame (rail 20X45X560 mm, 2 pieces ), 3 — cross member of the seat frame (rail 20Х45Х570 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — transverse element of the base seat (20X45X530 mm, 2 pieces), 5 — a longitudinal element of the base seat (rail 20X45X410 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — frame element of the backrest (rake 20X45X650 mm, 2 pieces), 7 — cross member of the backrest (rake 20X65X570 mm) 8 — wedge (timber 20Х40Х100 mm, 4-piece), 9 — armrest (rake 20Х45Х500 mm, 2 pieces), 10 — a cross-tie (Board 20X90X750 mm, 2 pieces), 11 — seat belts (nylon tape with a width of 30…40 mm), 12 — dowel Ø 8 mm (4x), 13 — longitudinal screed (Board 20Х90Х500 mm, 2 pieces), 14 — cross member of the backrest (rake 20Х45Х570 mm, 3 PCs.). A — Assembly side, B — seat frame, base seat.
Coffee table.
Coffee table:
1 — leg (Board 20Х85Х460 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — stand (the rake 40X45X400 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — wedge (Board 10Х35Х100 mm, 4 PCs.), 4 — countertop (10 plywood…15Х450Х850 mm), 5 — cross-side-bar (rail 20X40X440 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — pradolina screed (Board 20Х70Х850 mm, 2 PCs.).
According to the magazine “Earmaster”, Hungary

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