Shoe storage is always a problem Shoe tables that are usually sold in stores, structurally, are ordinary boxes with shelves that aren’t good for storing shoes. This fact motivated to construct his own version, different from purchase. The main advantages of the proposed design are compact with high-capacity access to the whole Shoe at once and the possibility of adapting it to the specific conditions (size of premises) in the manufacture.

Bedside table consists of two tiers-the canisters, the hinged covers which are a kind of multi-shelves, designed for shoes Have options on both the pen case can be the same or different size: for example, lower bigger for winter shoes, and the upper, smaller ones for children.
What is a “multi-shelf”? Consider the ego on the example of a pencil case, since the second identical to it. The door is connected to the bottom, so chew when folding the first raised and the bottom. Between built 1 ri of a partition, in which different angles are embedded turns three shelves multi-shelf with two compartments. Give them shoes, lift the door all will be inside the pencil case. The rotation is carried out thanks to the hinges in the sides.
To doors pivoted stayed in a horizontal position, the sidewalls attached ironicially bars, which abut rising after the door bottoms.
Bedside table
1 — cap (DSP s14); 2 — side panel (DSP s14. 2); 3,4 doors pencil cases (plywood s6), 5 — emphasis (block 20×20, L200), 4 pieces); 6 — dnia canisters (plywood s6, 962×190); 7 — baffle (plywood s6, 6 PCs); 8— полкf rear (plywood s6, 902×100 2); 9 middle shelf (plywood s6, 902×150, 2 PCs ); 10 — shelf front (plywood s6, 902×170, 2); 11 – axis hinge (M8 screws, 4 PCs); 12 — bushing (4 PCs).
Sides and cover are made from chipboard, doors and other parts of the canister is made of plywood thickness of 6 mm, and the back panel is hardboard. Decorative finish tables any. On the outside, for example, it can be painted with enamel paints covered with film, wood, or tinted stain and covered with several layers of furniture Polish

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