INFINITE SAWIn the tool Arsenal of any mug or a self-respecting modeller-athlete of the device for sawing wood takes a special place. Many problems can be solved with the help of a specialized band saw blades created by their own hands. Using the recommendations proposed article, play this device simply. But then you will be rewarded: your creation will not only effectively and efficiently to saw wood, but significant savings, for example, scarce the balsa.

Desk machine (dimensions 420×720 mm) is made of plywood 20 mm thick, laminated on top of PCB. On the perimeter he is enclosed by strips of solid wood. For wiring sawing strips in the table provided narrow grooves. Base — box size 420x720x500 mm, glued with 20 mm plywood. Among other things, he collects the sawdust.
Supporting rod — cut channel number 8 with a length of 680 mm, the shelves of which, for convenience, cut to a height of 20 mm. is Attached the rod to the table using bracket area is 40×40 mm and four M8 bolts. Pulleys belt drive saws are made of plywood with a thickness of 20 mm. At the work surface they are pasted over thick sheet rubber, docked on us. Used polyurethane glue, although you can use “Phoenix” or similar. After storage of the pulleys, the wood is impregnated with epoxy resin, polished and painted. The working surface is attached to bochkoobraznoj required to keep the saw running of the tape. The upper pulley is glued with epoxy resin bushing made of aluminum, which is machined slot under the bearing 60203. The lower pulley is placed on the axis of 30KHGSA steel type and fastened by three screws 5×20. The axle is inserted in the journal box with two ball bearing 60203 mounted on the lower end of a support rod. At the other end of the shaft through a spacer sleeve is fixed a driven pulley belt drive. After installation, the balancing of belt pulleys. The principle of operation and the dimensions of the parts of the system of tension of the sawing tape is clear from the above figures (section a-A).
Gear ratio belt transmission from the engine 1=1, so the driving and driven pulleys are the same except bore holes, which on the master pulley depends on the motor shaft. The pulleys are made of aluminum. Klinovo strap — А710 (in this design).
To eliminate fluctuations in the sawing tape is provided a damper (damper) is assembled from printed parts for the M6 bolts. The stationary element of the damper is fixed from the bottom of the desktop, and mobile strap allows you to choose the necessary clearance. It should be noted that on the bandsaw and even provides an upper damper, however, its installation is advisable if the top pulley peel of the tape begins to “beat on diameter.” Otherwise, the upper damper only increases the friction tape. By design, it is the same principal and when necessary the network is attached to the rod with M5 bolts with a special bracket for 105 mm above the plane of the desktop.
Pattern of the band saw
A sample of the band saw.
Band saw machine
Band saw machine:
1 — a pulley of a tape drive is lower, 2 — base, 3 — band saw blade, 4 strap wedge А710, 5 — absorber, 6 — guide, 7 — rod carrier, 8 — a pulley of tape top, 9 — table (plywood s20), !0 — motor AOL-22-2, 11 — belt pulleys, 12 — bracket (angle steel 40×40), 13 — nut M12 (2 PCs), 14 — support top, 15 — adjusting screw 16 — slide 17 — cover 18 — screw M4 (4x), 19 — ball bearing 60203 (3-piece), 20 — oil seal 21 — end washer 22 — washer lock, M8 bolt, 23 — washer 24 — bolt M6 retaining, 25 —Bush remote, 26 — building boxes, 27 — cover boxes, 28 — axis.
1 — base 2 — M6 bolt (2 PCs), Z — strap, 4 — nut with washer.
Guide to supply sawn timber is produced from a steel angle 100×100 mm. Preferably it is perpendicular to the plane to ground on the machine. In one of the shelves around the edges are two notches for adjusting the gap between the rail and the tape, and in the middle of the neck to increase the progress bar. Safety at work is ensured by the protective cover covering the whole top pulley peel of the tape that extends from the cavity of the casing only in the working area.
Greater attention should peel the tape itself. It must be sufficiently elastic on the one hand and durable on the other. For its production we recommend cold-rolled sheet steel grade U8, U10 or 65G thickness 0,2…0,4 mm for cutting soft wood (balsa, basswood) or 0.4…0.8 mm, for more hard rocks. In fact, many are using steel tape of high quality metal with a thickness of 0.2 mm and a width of about 10 mm. “Automatic” modern roulette with a curved profile of the tape — only the old models. Workpiece length for the given size of machine — 1600…1700 mm. On the strip-the workpiece is cut by the file teeth pitch of about 3 mm, after which the strip is soldered into a ring, the ends of the length of 3.. .6 mm sharpened at the thick mustache. Then place spikes sprinkled with brown and warmed on a gas burner. The seam to apply solder brand PSR-40 and the seam tightly compressed pliers with asbestos pads on the jaws (otherwise, the weld cools rapidly and the metal in this area turns brittle). If necessary, the connection zashlifovyvayutsya. For more high-quality surface cutting the front and back surfaces of the teeth are sharpened similarly to scissors on wood and slightly divorce.
Maximum thickness of cutting, mm
soft rocks………… up to 100
solid rock …………….up to 40
The smallest cutting width, mm…….0,25
The diameter of the pulley
tape, mm ………………… 240
Centre distance
pulley belt drive, mm…… up to 500
Gear ratio
from the engine to the drive pulley, and ……1
Engine speed, rpm……… 2800
Electric motor power, kW……0,6
Rated voltage………380
Linear belt speed, m/s………35
Tape length, mm………… 1600…1700
The speed of cutting, m/min………..up to 5
Overall dimensions, mm 720x420x920
Band saw is used For straight sawing soft wood (balsa, Lila, aspen, spruce, pine)-Can be cut and more hardwoods (beech, oak, mahogany) when installed on the machine tape with a thickness of 0,8 mm.

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