Not every house entrance hall allows the use of the proposed trade options wall-wardrobe: they tend to be designed to a spacious hallway. At the same time, even in a small hallway it is possible to rationally organize the area with a mirror and a hanger, such as that proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” a self-made set of furniture for a small hallway. It consists of comfortable stools with a phone; tables, which can accommodate, for example, a vacuum cleaner, and the box — the necessary small things; finally kaloshnitsy, over the doors of which — the bars under the shoes. On the wall above these items are mounted wooden coat rack and mirror, completing the simple but beautiful set.

To make it on their own accessible to everyone, because all the designs are simple and do not require any scarce materials used particleboard (or furniture Board), boards, rods and strips with strips and plain furniture fittings: hinges, handles, hooks.
Now, specifically about each of the items of this set.
Its design (Fig.2) designed so that it is convenient to use the phone and put on shoes for the elderly or the children have a soft seat.
The base of the housing are degreesonline panel and the vertical sidewall, which support the entire structure. They are made of chipboard and are connected using plug-in round thorns-nails. The bottom horizontal panel has a support — bar of the DSP, and the upper relies on a partition (DSP). On the last and both sidewalls are attached to the bars, supports for slatted lattice (if it is supposed to keep the shoes) or shelves. On one of the sides, in addition, has a vertical rod decelerator device for holding hinged doors. The latter is also made of chipboard; the hinges are mounted on its bottom panel. The rear bench has a wall of hardboard or thin plywood.
The sides of the stools above the upper horizontal panel, thereby forming the left compartment of the box, and the right — seat. In the middle of a set of auxiliary vertical bar, which also serves as the sidewall and cover of the box, and seat. To create additional rigidity the upper part of the seat and end seat mounts it back (chipboard) and over the section of box — cover: top panel made of chipboard, which serves as a phone stand.
Box cobble together (or gathers on the spikes) of thin boards or plywood. On the front it has the trim — extended Board, covering the drawer slides on its side and vertical panel s sections (bars sizes 361x10x10 mm). Under the box remains a small niche in which to conveniently store, for example, a phonebook that has always been at hand.
Remains to lay in the compartment of the seat with a cotton or foam mattress and stool ready.
Fig.1. Set “Entrance Hall”:
1 — stool; 2 — small racking; 3 — mirror; 4 — large hangers; 5 — table; 6 — kolesnica
Fig.2. Bench:
1—door (chipboard 962x392x19); 2 —slow; 3 — sides of the body (DSP 750x400x19); 4 — support bars (bars,
380x30x10); 5 — slip drawer panel (DSP 323x150x19); 6 — side panel of the box (Board 343x150x10); 7 — rear and front walls of the box (Board 302x150x10); 8 —upper panel (DSP 400x362x19); 9 —side panel of the seat (DSP 400x250x19); 10 — seat (DSP 619x250x19); 11 — partition (DSP 381x392x19); 12 bars (bars 470x20x20); 13 — horizontal panel – body (particle Board 962x400x19); 14 — backup (962x70x19); 15 back panel (hardboard, plywood 999x430x3)



She also has a box design similar to that described above. The rest of the tables (Fig.Z) is very simple: this is a box, formed of vertical and horizontal panels of particleboard, connected also with pins. Additional rigidity of the table provide a cross member (strap mounted below the box) and the rear wall of hardboard or thin plywood, nailed with small nails around the perimeter.
Under the bottom panel of the box is a prop — bar, made of chipboard, have a small indentation on the front edge of the panel. Note that as well as stools, side tables — reference, are the original legs. One of them is hung the door (hinges can be any).
Bedside table
Fig.Z. Table:
1 — door (chipboard 661x462x19); 2 — sides of the body (DSP 909x400x19); 3 — housing cover (chipboard 462x400x19); 4 — rail for drawer (bar 380x10x10); 5 — crossbar (DSP 462x100x19), 6 — rear panel (plywood, hardboard 909x498x3); 7 — the bottom of the case (DSP 462x400x19); 8 — backup (DSP 462x70x19); 9—guide rail (bar 362x10x10); 10 — front and back walls of the box (Board 442x140x10); 11 — side panel of the box (Board 343x140x11); 12 — the bottom (plywood 441x380x3); 13 — Shoe box (chipboard 461x150x19); 14 —handle

Fig.4. Kolesnica:
1 —door (chipboard 480x392x19); 2 — the bottom (DSP 962x400x19); 3 — side panel of the case (chipboard 481x400x19); 4 — pillar grille (bar 380x30x20); 5 — grid (bars 962x20x20); 6 —upper body panel (DSP 1000x400x19); 7 — rear panel (hardboard 999x480x3); 8 — rack (MDF 392x50x19); 9 — the support grille (bar 342x20x20); 10 — backup (DSP 962x70x19)

Fig.5. Hangers: 1 — small; 2 — large; 3 — metal loop pendants
Fig.5. Hangers:
1 — small; 2 — large; 3 — metal loop pendants

By design, she is also a box (Fig.4), only low and long. From Assembly tables Assembly differs only by fastening the top panel: it is not installed between the sidewalls and resting on them for greater strength (if someone thinks of her seat). With the same purpose inside built a pair of stands (made of chipboard). Doors two, with a mount also on the sidewalls (with any loops).
As tables with bench, under the lower panel there is a backup strip of chipboard. The sides of the boxes also support. They are mounted inside the bars of the grate, where will be the shoes. A third beam (the reference) is installed between the uprights. Grille laying of rails with cross-section 20×20 mm.
They are made of gladkotrubnym wide, not very thick boards (Fig.5). Small one is rather short, located above the bench, set one hook in the upper part and large, those above kolesnica, two hooks top and bottom (e.g. for baby clothes).
Hooks may be used. On the reverse side of each Board, and small and large, in the upper and lower parts mounted on the screws standard metal lugs (for example, for kitchen shelves), with which the hanger will be hung on the wall.
The frame under it is also supposed to be very simple (Fig.6). It is easy to make from wooden laths with cross-section 40×20 mm, with direct connection vpoldereva or with wire staples (furniture staples).
For mounting the mirror glass with the back side of the frame is stuffed from thin strips of 10×5 mm cross-section subframe, which is placed glass. From above it is covered with a shield of hardboard or thin plywood and pressed flat holders from metal plates.
Fig.4. Mirror:


1 – frame (straps 40х20); 2 – sub-frame (the rack 10×5); 3 — a protective wall mirror (plywood s); 4 — holder (metal plate); 5 — mirror

All the chipboard panels should be painted, not only aesthetic, but also environmental requirements. But can be pasted film “under the tree”.
Before gluing or painting, all surfaces must be sanded with sandpaper, and the joints are pre-patched. To finish the stools, tables and galoshes units can be used as a medium, and oil or enamel, in several layers, with intermediate drying and grinding a fine-grained skin.
The color is chosen depending on the situation; perhaps a combination of two colors: one for chassis items, the other for drawers and doors (always lighter than the first).
Wooden hangers and the frame of the mirror after careful grinding it is better to treat the stain and cover furniture varnish, also in several layers. However, it is possible to paint the same with other items — it will create the impression of a single headset.

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