Whatever fence or a fence of a country house, a gate and a gate, usually of wood. And, as a rule, short-lived: do not stand up attributable to stress.After all, if the gates are not too often, the gate is constantly “in progress”: she meets a visitor and necessarily accompanies it. And to make durable beautiful gate is not so difficult. It is best to use for this metal. Holiday villages around it usually .sketched a lot, and you can always find something suitable. Quite suitable, for example, the frame from old metal bed. Will just have to weld the hinges and jewelry — patterns of the steel rod.
If there is a possibility to purchase the necessary material, here’s a list of what will be required for the work: angle steel 40X40 mm, strip 5X30 mm, rod d 8 mm rod d 16 mm, plate thickness of 5 mm and sheet thickness of 1 mm.
Tool — primarily residential welder (he now has many motorists). Of course, when you build you can do without welding, but this will complicate the operation and reduce the reliability of the product. But the hacksaw, steel brush for cleaning the surface of parts and drill and drill d 3.3 mm and 4.2 mm and tap M4, and M5 need to be sure.
R and S. 1. Crate frame
R and S. 1. Crate frame
Fabrication and Assembly of the gate start with the frame. Its width may be limited to one meter. Corners cut into billets of appropriate length, joined corners are cut at 45° and all the blanks are welded. An experienced welder will never work without safety glasses and never cooks from all seam — sticking in several places, verify the design and then pass electrode (d 3.25 mm) the rest of the seams.
When the frame is ready, it is filled with decorative lattice collected from the §-shaped rod shaped workpieces curved on simple device, providing the grating elements of the same figure. This needs only to insert into the fixture of the workpiece from a rod with the same offset from their end.
Fig. 2. The frame of the gate
Fig. 2. The frame of the gate
To the resulting openwork design did not argue the rest of the details, it is better to perform several stylized antique. For example, it is not necessary to weld conventional door handles and locks. Shown in the figure a closure device is not worse and even more reliable and durable. It will require pieces of metal strips and the core: the latter will be double-sided stick, and the strip — latch and its mounting bracket. Do not be lazy to make a hinge joint the heck — this will get rid of the clank and squeak of the gate. The hub node is welded to the bracket on the bend and the axis of the threaded hole for the mounting bolt to the end of the strap latch. A well-oiled unit operates silently and does not require additional care.
A similar sleeve may serve as a hinge for suspending gates: welded to the frame,they are placed on l-shaped axial rods mounted on a below ground metal or wooden pillar, column.
So the gate was locked and from the inside, weld the door lock, have styled him the sheet metal plate with a hole for a key.
Fig. 3. Locking device
Fig. 3. Locking device:
1 — hook latch. 2 — latch, 3 — fences 4 — rail latch, 5 — frame, 6 — bracket 7 — hinge latch, 8 — borders of the castle 9 — castle.

After all welding seams are thoroughly cleaned from scale metal brushes; they processed and the surface parts of the gate prior to painting.
Prepared surface in dry weather, the ground, after drying, cleaned with emery cloth and painted with bitumen varnish or oil paints, coordinating color with a fence and existing domestic buildings.

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