FLOWER IN THE HOUSEWhen the house took a stand for flowers, just wanted to buy it, but after visiting a few shops, did not find anything suitable. So I decided to take up the matter himself. Present their product to readers. The stand is composed of paired parts, and the reflected nodes, which greatly simplifies its manufacture. Therefore, the size marked on a single node, and correspond to the other is mirrored. The main structural material for the flower is a wooden cylindrical “wood” a rod with a diameter of 20 mm and a total length of 4 m.

Still need a small sheet of 3 – 5mm plywood size 314×157 mm (or two sheets with a length less than half), four metal loops, 24 screw 4,2×18 mm, the eight screws 4,2х35мм, four screws 10х65мм and transparent (colourless) lacquer for wood.

Let’s start with the frame. Cut from a two piece rod with a length of 460 mm (parts 1, 2), four 300 mm long (parts 3, 4 and 5, 6), two with a length of 130 mm (items 7, 8) and four 150 mm in length (items 9, 10, 11, 12). In the blanks letís trace out the General locations for the slots, carefully cut them with a hand saw (preferably a mitre box) and make a chisel.. The depth of all grooves is the same – 10 mm (“vpoldereva”). But the length is strictly vertical grooves 20 mm, inclined the same-a little more of 21.4 mm. to Fulfill the grooves should be so that the response of the workpiece entered into him tightly.
The resulting parts are connected by screws on the tree (4,2×18 mm), pre-drilled guides of the blind holes with a diameter of 3 mm on the back side of the future product. In the lower ends of parts 9-12 also performed nest (blind holes) to a depth of 65 mm and diameter 8 – 8,5 mm for screws of fastening sites.
Flower girl of similar parts (material, components 1 -15 - wooden rod d20)
Flower girl of similar parts (material, components 1 -15 – wooden rod d20):
1,2 – inclined racks (L460); 3 – 6 – console (1300); 7, 8 – cross member (L130); 9 – 12 – mount (L150); 13 – the bottom border area (65 L, 4 pieces); 14 – the upper border area (1.80,6 PCs); 15 – lower beveled border area (L65, 4 pieces); 16 – pad (plywood s3. 2); 17 – loop-tapping screw (4 PCs.); 18 – mounting platform to the posts (10×65 screw, 4 PCs.); 19 – the holder curbs to the area (tapping screw 4,2×35, 12 PCs); 20 – fixture beveled end of lower border to the area (tapping screw 4,2×18, 4 pieces); 21 – fastening the frame members to each other (screw 4,2×18, 20 PCs.)
Now we will cut from a round rod of six blanks to a length of 80 mm and eight blanks, four 65 mm. 65 mm billet cut down the ends at a 45° angle. They will serve as fencing of the sites, which will accommodate flower pots.
Cut platform: cut the plywood sheet into two squares with sides 157×157 mm, cut the corners to make an octagon with four sides for 65 mm and four sides 70 mm.
Do fences playgrounds: connect procurement platform, pre-drilled in them joint holes, and the top part – right. Procurement of 65 mm applied to the sides of the hexagon with a length of 65 mm, and those with cut ends set against each other. On procurement of 65 mm overlay 80 mm. Then all of the details neatly with a contractible platform with its lower side by eight screws 4,2×35 mm and four screws 4,2×18 mm.
To build flower drill in the base holes for screws. Ready connect the stand to the frame with four wood screws (10х65мм), as shown in the figure. Screwed into the parts 9, 10, 11, 12 stitches to the flower girl could be hung on the wall.
Cover the whole Assembly transparent furniture varnish and stand for the home greenhouse is ready.
A. GAMALYA, St. P etersburg

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