Comfortable and high-performance tool — the jigsaw is much easier and straight and curved sawing of wooden workpieces. Simple Supplement thereto, proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” will allow to simplify such an operation as getting round parts, and any radius. It is reduced to a minimum preparatory actions: on the graduated scale set the required distance from the center of the future circle with the slide bar; its awl stick in the center, and with the opposite end in the slot of the guide handle install jig now his blade goes in a circle, as attached.

To manufacture such a device is not difficult, especially because its constituent parts do not require special materials or complex processing all the main components are made of wood.
The only complex element may seem like a slider, but it is on closer examination it appears simple-a prefabricated Assembly consisting of two wooden pieces: top, body, running from block section 45×30 mm, the bottom sole is made of plywood, which thickness must be equal to the thickness of the sole guide of the handle with the lining. In the case of the slide drilled the holes for the clamping screw with nut and handle with an awl (wood screw), and the bottom out with a chisel two slots: lateral — under the metal spacer, the thickness of the line and cross under the very bar so it could slide freely when setting the desired radius. Slot nut clamping screw has a recess under the “coin” to protect the line from injury by the propeller.
The range of uses, wood or metal; its thickness depends on the depth of the groove in the slider, and the thickness of the metal spacers-guides. One end of the ruler is fixed in the guide handle, which is easier to perform a team of individual plywood pieces. The lower part of sole, cut an extruded one piece, with two holes for the jigsaw blade. Below it is advisable to paste or attach the lining from any plastic to improve the sliding during operation. The middle part of the spacer, regardless of design should have a groove at the end of the line and the window under the base plate of the jigsaw. The same window occurs in the upper part of the handle — plate.
Radius jig jigsaws
Radius jig jigsaws:
1 — dimensional line; 2 — sole slide; 3 — spacer’s guide (a metal plate); 4 lining the guide handle (plastic); 5 — sole of the guide handle; 6 — intermediate piece of the guide handle; 7 — plate guide handle; 8 — housing of the slider; 9 — clamping screw with a notched head; 10—nut furniture; 11 — arm of the slide; 12 — nut clamping screw with the “coin”; 13 — “coin”

Blank holes for attaching the end of the line in the pen conductor
Blank holes for attaching the end of the line in the pen conductor
Tight fit of the nut into the slot of the RAM with a hammer
Tight fit of the nut into the slot of the RAM with a hammer
Other elements of the design are clearly visible in the figure. Dimensions are approximate, are determined missing. Performed and parts used devices can of course vary from those depicted in accordance with existing capabilities.

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