FOR EASY IRONINGIn our time, the stores sold a variety of Ironing boards: however, Chinese production is fragile, domestic – heavy, Western – honey. In the end, the whole family did my Ironing Board that has served us for several years. Its design and description for the attention of the readers. The bathroom in our house is quite spacious – 5,8 m2. On the opposite of the bath the wall is a single window of size 0,55×1,05 m2 of patterned-frosted glass window. In front of this window and placed our Ironing Board. She is wooden, foldable, but is almost always in position. Socket for iron is the right of the window.

Ironing surface is made of a wide Board, but if the right is not there, then you can take a couple of narrower boards, or cut it out of plywood of the same thickness, or pressed chipboard. Attach to the bottom Board longitudinal couple of part brackets and emphasis for the legs of the same segment of the bars, and legs, enough six suitable countersunk screws or nail the corresponding nails on top.
Pair of legs (four of them) are made of bars section 35×25 mm (after planing section made up 33×23 mm). One pair – resistant, connected by two cross ties-the jumpers (top and bottom), the other – reference, only one (bottom) because the top of their ends pivotally attached by bolts to the brackets exploded.
Three wooden lintels-ties to the two pairs of legs of the Ironing Board (one top left and two bottom) at the ends accomplished with a simple solid rectangular tenon. The spikes are inserted into the corresponding holes in the legs and fixed them on casein glue.
Ironing Board
Ironing Board:
1 – table (Board b=300, s=15 or chipboard); 2 – support leg (the bar 33×23,2); 3 – resistant leg (bar 33×23, 2); 4 – a Desk bracket (bar 33×23, 2); 5 – a Desk the rest (bar 33×23); 6 — jumper-coupler (the bar 33×23, 3 pieces); 7 – fasteners (bolt M4 with a couple wide washers and a nut)

Ironing Board surface is covered with old children’s Baikove blanket and flannel diaper. Blanket rolled three times, and diaper – twice. The diaper hangs down on both sides of the table not more than 50 mm and it did not interfere with the Ironing. Both overhang the front cover at an angle one stuck a large pin.
Four required hex bolt (two at the top rear, and two in the frogs) – small diameter (only M4), but it’s enough, but their length should be better with a stock that is about 70 mm. Each swivel (free, but without much backlash) made by bolt with the corresponding nut and under it and the bolt head planted wide goals.
All wooden parts are covered with oil paint dark brown, except for the top boards – it is better no to be processed.
Retractable iron stand for someone could be not superfluous. But on our old Ironing Board (by the way, industrial production) it was so flimsy that iron with it, even a drop and I used to do without it. So on a new Board stand did not mount.
That’s all tricks.
N. KUTIGI, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai

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