FROM COMPRESSION — GLOWOperation model glow motors has always presented difficulties for most modelers. Due to the high toxicity of alcohol — the main component of fuel for “calloc” — this type of engine was fully closed for the young. And adult athletes at any level of supply of methanol, the eternal stumbling block.
The situation has changed since then, when the “M-K” published a small article about the possibility of replacing toxic alcohol cleaner glass. Many are now not averse to redo the compression engines to work on IPSE! After all, ethyl (medical) ether, like methanol, can not buy in the store. A small decrease in power, incidentally, is manifested only at high-powered “calloc” working on IPSE, not so much.
A scheme of alterations in serial Microdrive from the compression option in nitro
A scheme of alterations in serial Microdrive from the compression option in nitro:
1 — finned shirt of the cylinder (an axis of rastaquouere hole and tapped for the new adjustment screw compression ratio). 2 — staffing controlling (at its axis a threaded hole under the candle glow), 3 —the screw of adjustment of compression ratio (re-manufactured of steel, cut into small self-locking external thread, the collar is knurled to facilitate handling with it and to prevent samothracian), 4 — serial glow candle, 5 — sealing copper washer (supplied with candle), 6 — pin “rattle”the latch (OVS wire d 0.8 mm, pressed into the upper end of the shirt), 7 — cylinder. Sizes to choose according to reinvent the engine.

Offer one of the options of remaking “diesel” in “calico”. I use the engine having a conical bottom of the piston and of the eye, the conical surface of kontrpartiya. This allows to reduce the alteration to a minimum And do not need any of the new intricate details. Advantages controlsnew with tapered ends that after drilling and tapping the axial hole under the candle glow of the remaining metal thickness is sufficient to securely hold the body of the candle, to remove the material for the formation of the combustion chamber is not required. Such alterations can be easily micro-motors such as MK-12V, MARZ, MK-17 “Junior”. It is also important that there remains the possibility of selecting the degree of compression, i.e. the volume of the combustion chamber. In some cases, such adjustment is not only easier but also more reliable than classic selection of shims under the heads to normal “kalileh”.

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