FUNNY FIGURESIt is widely known attraction of children to animals: any child would be pleased with the appearance of new cat toys or dog. To make a figure with their hands—it is easy.

Individual details of animals can be easily increased to the desired size and transfer from paper to wood using the cell template. In our case, the size of the cells 10×10 mm. as the material it is desirable to use well-polished soft woods. The hardest part—spherical head of a cat, but she’s completely interchangeable with a disk cut out of any material, whose thickness corresponds to the thickness of the remaining parts of the animal body.
Appropriate boards or scraps cut down all the details of the figures. Next, attach the flat workpiece notched a smooth curvature; then a good Polish finish details.
As the eyes and nose use a wooden plug in “mushrooms” (or decorative furniture nails).
Legs and tails are formed from wire with a diameter of 3 mm. Drill in the body of figures end-to-end (or blind) holes with a diameter slightly less than the cross-section of the wire. Gently stretch through them (or insert) billet wire (to provide greater strength at the points of contact with the tree, you can wire to lubricate).
The cat ears cut out from a thin metal plate (e.g., of tin). After giving them a bent shape is inserted in the mounting ends pre-drilled holes for them. As the whiskers cats can serve as a suitable line thickness, line segments which are smeared with glue by the ends inserted into the prepared drill or awl holes.
The dog ears can be cut from a linoleum suitable color.
With glue secure them in the slots on the billet head.
Paint the limbs of animals in black paint. The wooden parts of the torsos of the figures will cover varnish or paint in a matching suit animal color.
Using images or parts of creatures as a template and using a little imagination, you can make many different options like animal figures.

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