HALLWAY: THE EASIEST OPTIONA characteristic feature of modern layouts of apartments — small hallways. Their owners show miracles of ingenuity in their attempts to place in a limited area sets necessary traditional furniture. Hungarian journal “Earmaster” offers the option of equipment hallway with minimal costs even for those who never were holding the plane.

The kit consists of mirrors, a folding chair or stool with padded top and standing hanger for casual wear. Mirror and stool can be a normal purchase, but this does not exclude the possibility of their self-production. The mirror is better to acquire the large dimensions. It is desirable to form a “mirror wall” composed of mirror — in this case, the volume of the hall will “grow” twice.

The basis of the hanger is a beam of cross section 50X50 mm. the Grade of wood does not matter: the main thing that it was well dried and had no curvature. All other parts of the hanger are cut from the boards section mm 20X50 20X80 mm. and they are Connected to carpentry glue and screws “wpoty”. As holders of the clothes used wooden balls, but if you are having difficulty with their manufacture, the manufacturing process can be simplified and cut from boards or plywood 12 mm thick drives.
Decorative hangers must be subordinated to the overall design of the hallway and matching (or contrast) with the color of the walls, chair, interior door, floor and baseboards.
Clothes hanger
Clothes hanger:
1 — stand (Board 20Х80Х350 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — strut (timber 50Х50Х1800 mm), 3 — strap (20X50X350 mm, 4 PCs.), 4 — holder (ball Ø30 mm, 12 PCs.), 5 — rod (Ø12X16 mm, 6 PCs), 6 — Planck(20X50X250 mm, 4 PCs.).

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