THE TOWELMATERIAL: rod Ø 8 mm, sheet metal thickness of 2 mm, rivet 4×10 mm, primer and paint for metal.

TOOLS: hacksaw, snips, a file, round and semicircular, drill, drill Ø 4 and 12 mm, hammer, needle marking, core, feet and tassel.
MANUFACTURER. For details 1 made a template from thin cardboard: its outline is transferred to the material using needles for marking. If sheet metal thinner than 2 mm, the part is cut .scissors. With thicker metal, you can resort to a chisel after it the edge you need to process a file. On the anvil or a smooth thick plate the surface of the workpiece bounces.
Ring 2 bends on a handy disc — for example, the large diameter pipe. Ø 4 mm drill it at the ends of the drilled holes for connection by rivets.
The stock part 3 is processed in the same way as 1.
ASSEMBLY. All the blanks are joined together by rivets. The stock part 3 is bent on the ring 2 using a vise and hammer. Now remains the part 1 to connect with item 3.
The holder surface after the Assembly is covered with primer and painted with enamel.

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