SUITE FOR THE ATTIC“In one of the rooms of the journal among the tips I was interested in the original triangular door leading to the attic. We have not solved the problem of the use of the space under the roof, behind the wall of the room in the attic where such tables would be useful. Can’t they tell us more?”

Interest to our readers, bedside table, suggested by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” — just one possible headset for the attic, allowing to get more useful volume in the same area of the room.


Usually in the regeneration of the attic space limited to flooring and paneling of the ceiling and walls of a future room. However, between its side walls and the roof inevitably remains in the space. Most often it serves as a lumber warehouse or any inventory.
The more interesting proposed solution, almost leaving no unused gap in the wall. Because the wall itself — not just a wall, and the front plane of the combined built-in wardrobe-wall of the panel and the door, in fact, form the wall of the room.
The design of this Cabinet may be different, but its essence is to nastennoe space to turn into useful working volume — a kind set. Moreover, the material for its production will serve the same one that is used most often for equipment attic — chipboard. Of them cut into triangular panels-racks, which are mounted perpendicular to the plane of the roof so that they can be attached directly to the rafters of the roof, and the bottom — to the floor (with corners, planks or slats). These panels-rack form a side wall of the Cabinet offices, the number of which is dictated by your needs and room sizes. In the upper part of the branches it is advisable to make the closed shelves and the lower cabinets, including (for convenience) — retractable wheels. Material — the same DSP.
Layout reserve space in the attic under normal (A) and
Layout reserve space in the attic under normal (A) and “broken” roof (B):
1 — roof, 2 rooms (attic), 3 — compartments backup under Cabinet, wall.

Rack-a wall in the attic
Wardrobe-wall attic:
1 rafter foot, 2 — bar-stand, 3 — shelf top Cabinet, 4 — shelf open part of the Cabinet (niche), 5 — bedside table drawers (And a sofa as an option), 6 — door wardrobe, 7 — wheel tables, 8 — cut-out-handle, 9 — loop piano.
Solution to the bottom of the Cabinet with non-sliding tables (sizes approximate)

Solution to the bottom of the Cabinet with non-sliding tables (sizes are approximate):
1 panel-front neckline, under the overall shelf niche (DSP ы20), 2 — niche shelf, 3 — shelf nightstand, 4 — loop piano, 5 — door cabinets, 6 — drawer medium (open) tables, 7 — track (rail 15×15).
Version of the retractable bottom of the wardrobe — sofa

Option retractable bottom of the Cabinet — couch:
1 — panel the front — back (chipboard s20), 2 — side panel (DSP s20), 3 — bottom, 4 — wheel 5 — bearing frame (bar 60×40, L700), 6 — frame lounger (bar 60×40, L1160 -2 PCs, L630 — 2), 7 — strip of the frame (strap 40×20, L700), 8 — mattress.
Sliding table Cabinet

Sliding table Cabinet:
1—panel front, 2 — sides, 3 — shelves, 4 — wheel, 5 — the bottom.

Shelves top of Cabinet rely on attached to the panels, racks, bars or metal corners. Closing their doors (chipboard or plywood frame) hang on the piano or fortochnyh hinges. If necessary, on the door put a magnetic or ball catch. The middle shelves, which will leave the sliding tables, for decoration and convenience better to leave open.
As for cabinets, they can of course be fixed in. But sliding is preferable though, because that give the maximum opportunity to use the lower, the largest amount pokrysheva space. And if desired and necessary in their principle, may be made by sliding the bed (couch, sofa): at day she is pushed in a closet, which, of course, as to increase the area of the mansard, as the evening advanced.
For the manufacture of cabinets will require four panels of chipboard: two rectangular — for body and face and two oblique to the sidewalls. First assemble the front panel with the side walls by nails, screws or plug-in thorns-nails with glue (casein, joinery, PVA). Then mounted them on the bottom of the panel (the same way). The resulting amount is used entirely or set of shelves — and then to the sidewalls of the nail thin strips and placed them on shelves out of boards, scraps of chipboard, thick plywood. Instead of rails can be used with metal corners.
In the pull-out options at the bottom to the bottom of the tables are attached four furniture swivel wheel that provides greater maneuverability when moving.
With regard to option with a pull-out sofa, it is more difficult because it will require a different solution to one of the panels / posts appearing in the middle of the sofa: it will be shorter than the height of the front panel (the back of the sofa), and will rely not on the floor as the others, but on the open shelf of the Cabinet.
In principle, the design of this sofa can be identical to the device tables, just as it stretched outwards. And of course, not rails, and bars will be attached to the inside of the front panel and side walls to put them on the shield or frame couches with additional support in the middle. A standard spring mattress is hardly suitable—it is quite heavy and the size can not fit. Better to wrap the frame with intertwining straps (woven or synthetic, used for packages) under a light foam or cotton mattress. For greater strength and rigidity of the frame, it is advisable to seal with the supporting bars and the side walls with screws and furniture screws.
All used chipboard panels for sanitary purposes must be painted with enamel or covered with furniture Polish.
Is particleboard it is possible to use bead boards (battens or pallet wood) on the frame are the same. In this case, the front panel is better to make, filling to the frame plates overlap, with overlap into the next. To do this, they begin to nail down with the bottom edge of the frame.
The General structure pokrysheva headset is clear from the drawings. Sizes are approximate, since they depend on the area and situation specific attic.

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