Not privy to his secret for a long time to turn this wooden “hedgehog” in my hands, trying to figure out how he knows and not full at all if he is so closely connected with each other all the cubes, as if glued.

In fact, if you try and look for not only hands, but also to break down the mystery of the Assembly — will be able to “find” the one detail on which you should click to eject it and a tangle of cubes split into its components.
A puzzle consists of six separate bars of the same section and length: 150x24x24 mm, and only one of them is the whole. Still others have different configurations of slots, through which they are at a certain Assembly sequence consists in this mutual engagement, which creates the impression of a non-releasable this toy.
Why one of the wedges without grooves? The fact that he plays the role of the castle: after all the cubes as desired are connected, remains one through hole, which retracts the locking bar, firmly part of the secret hole. Enough to push back and “hedgehog” will crumble.
Geometric scheme of the bars that make up the puzzle
Geometric scheme of the bars that make up the puzzle:
1,2 — starting a pair of bars; 3,4-base pair; 5 — presumaby bar; 6 — final, castle bar

The configuration of the grooves have compiled the wedges shown in the figures. Each bar is their own: their figure is not the same as the width and location of the Only thing they have in common — depth: all the slots it exactly corresponds to half the cross bars, i.e. 12 mm.
All the bars in the figures are labelled with numbers: it’s not just the number of bars in the puzzle, but also the sequence of Assembly. The numbers can even be played and stay on the bars to reveal the secret showdown, they can not, even, on the contrary, confusing was studying, because he’ll think it’s some kind of disassembly of the toys. But for greater secrecy can be replaced by applying the scratches on the bars.
The success of the toy will depend on the accuracy and precision of the execution of the billets and slots on them. Only carefully manufactured details will be easily and firmly connect and stay assembled as a single unit.
Assembly sequence puzzles
The sequence of assembling the puzzle:
A — the starting position of the first two bars; B — connection of the main couple bars; G—embedding prezentovalo bar; D—the introduction of the locking bar

The order of Assembly of the puzzle shown in the pictures. Item 1 is held vertically, and it firmly puts the inverted horizontal detail 2. From below it is added to the rotated half a turn item 3 over which is laid the part 4 so that its smooth side is facing up. To them is pressed in a vertical position item 5 and retracts his “belt” seen in the slot 2. Now they are all firmly connected, but is still able to disintegrate. Here at this stage and entered into the one and only remaining through-hole of the latter, a smooth bar 6, which will close completely the entire structure.

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