MOE HIMSELFEmergencies are always unexpected – they are extraordinary. Most often, they happen when a person puts himself in a precarious position in its oversight find themselves in a critical situation: in the mountains, on the river, ice fishing. Of course, just impossible to anticipate, but be aware that the case may occur beyond our will and endeavour, if possible, to be ready for it.

In this sense, I want to offer one simple, but quite versatile fixture, which will be on hand and will be able to rescue someone from an emergency situation with your help. I called it “zakidushki”, and here’s why.

Imagine relaxing at the river or the sea: from water often lurk tragic moments: did someone swim in a drunken state or simply have not calculated their strength and began to sink. Extra help here and will be able to provide a drowning man is he who is armed with a “zakidushki”. The owner quickly pulls it out, unwinds and throws floundering in the water. He grabs it and pull it ashore.

What is a life-saving projectile? It’s only a plastic bottle, on which a coil to a coil wound around a strong string (or rope). One end of cord remains in the hand and the other tied to the neck of the bottle. Inside capacity for the gravity quickly poured some water or filled with sand.

A lifeguard comes to the rescue and in other difficult situations: when, say, you need to establish a crossing, to pull the tattered wiring, pull a passer-by who accidentally hit the hatch or well, to descend from the window in case of fire, to splint broken arms or legs, and even remotely check a suspicious object.

LAVROV, Semikarakorsk

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