HOSE PUMPAnyone who deals with internal combustion engines is known for a rather unpleasant procedure of transfusion of gasoline from one container to another. This is usually done with a hose, pulling gasoline by mouth. To relieve the drivers of such dangerous operations will hose pump proposed by A. Kalinin and B. Borisov from Tula.

Device it is clear from the figure. Through the rubber hose nylon fishing line is passed. To one end of the fishing line attached to the PTFE tube, the piston, with a diameter slightly greater than the inner diameter of the hose. To the other end of the line attached to the sinker through which a fishing line is passed through the hose.
To pour petrol from one container to another, I use a sinker with fishing line through the hose, tighten the plug in the hose for 2/s of its length, lower the hose into the tank and pull the tube over the fishing line, pre-placing the end of the hose, for example, in a bucket.
Editorial note: the Hose pump can be somewhat improved by attaching a Teflon tube another line. This will allow to exclude the operation of pulling the line through the hose before each transfusion of gasoline. At the ends of lines snap-drained washer or wire ring.

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