IF SOLDThe idea is to assemble a crib appeared, as they say, not from good life: in stores they are not always. The proposed design is simple to execute, easy to assemble (and, if necessary, and parse) that blends in well with modern furniture.

Wood frame is assembled with glue and screws from bruskov by section 50X60 mm (the size of the repetition can be changed in the direction of increase or decrease). A crossbar with longitudinal or overlay boards are attached to the legs — I took the plastic from the old tables.
For backrest and longitudinal boards, side better use of polished wooden panels (they are sold in stores of building materials) or to use parts of your old wardrobe. Suitable blanks of particleboard, but not necessarily papered with textured paper, veneer or coated by enamel, varnish.
The back of the crib and the sides are attached to the frame on decorative furniture bolts. On top of the frame is laid a base for a mattress — a sheet of plywood with a thickness of 8-10 mm (or painted chipboard): “it will give the crib additional stiffness and provide a smooth surface. To prevent the child from falling out of bed, linen cord runs side rail. The rope on the circumferential thick-walled tube and screws on a longitudinal Board (as an option — the cord can priderjivaetsya through the holes in the tube). Instead, the tube is quite applicable rail section 25×40 mm; mount slimcam they have the same decorative furniture bolts. This gives the final stiffness of the structure. The fence runs on both sides or only one.
Parts crib
Details crib:
1 — the back. 2 — longitudinal Board-side, 3 — tube, 4 — longitudinal beam frame, 5 — leg, 6 — crossmember frame, 7 — transverse beam frame, 8 — shield-Foundation for the mattress. I. II — incorporation of fencing wire, III — node connection of the tube with a back.

If there is not a standard baby changing Mat — it’s easy to make yourself from several sheets of foam and three-four layers of cotton batting covered with a linen or other cloth made of natural fibers.
This crib is the baby at two months of age until six or seven years. Unassembled it is a compact pack size 1200X540X90 mm, which is easy to move or “shelter” in the closet, in the attic — until the new replenishment in the family.
V. ORLOV, Omsk

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