IN THE CARHow not to fold walking stroller still it is quite cumbersome. And she weighs a lot, so to enter the car or bus with a child and a heavy stroller is no easy task. Besides, and stored in the apartment it is not very convenient. We offer our readers design a homemade portable stroller for the child from one to three years, developed by the Moscow engineer Igor Dnevnikom. In working position it does not differ from those that you can buy in the store is quite convenient for the child and his parents a four-wheeled stroller. However, in the folded position it turns into a small case with dimensions 360x360x120 mm. Typical detail — all in contact with the road details of the crew and the folding be inside the body of the suitcase, so the stroller can safely go in public transport without dirtying dirty wheels and struts “chassis” to the surrounding passengers.

The basis of the stroller — seat and backrest are pivotally connected together. Each of these elements of design is a frame made of plywood strips or planks section 55×20 mm, bonded on epoxy adhesive “a thorn” or, more reliably, screws and nuts.
And the seat and back are covered with rubber strips cut from old camera cars, which are fixed to the frames with steel clips. On top of the glued foam rubber strip with a thickness of about 5 mm, and then the frames upholstered in faux leather with glue of type “Moment”. By the way, the last operation is performed after final Assembly of the stroller.
The hinges by which the back is connected to the seat are a triangular plate of sheet duralumin of a thickness of 3 to 4 mm. On the backrest frame, each of the hinges is fixed with three screws or screws, and the seat frame — a screw with a nut and a couple washers.
Inside the seats are mounted two dural tube in diameter 22 — 24 mm — axis, which are installed on all four stands are produced in a “chassis”. For fixing axes of the side walls of the frame drilled holes of appropriate diameter. Fixation of tubes in the side — screws or screws.
Convertible stroller
A transformable baby stroller (the numbers show the sequence of unfolding of the stroller)

Design folding stroller
Design folding stroller (A stroller in the operating position; B—folded):
1—the handle; 2—handle; 3—backrest of the stroller (aka— the cover of the suitcase); 4—fixing belt; 5—seat (box “diplomat”); 6—footrest; 7—wheel; 8—loop; 9,12—axis-cross; 10,11 —rack “chassis”

Each of the struts “chassis” of welded hinge bushings (internal diameter should match the outer diameter of the axes of the crossbars) and tube stand (steel pipe with a diameter of 20 mm). The uprights are welded axles — steel bolts, the diameter of which is selected in accordance with design wheels.
Racks are fixed in position using stoppers — textolite or Teflon tubes that are inserted into the tubular cross member. Each stopper wrapped steel bolt with M6 thread passing through the groove in the tubular cross member with a length of about 20 mm., Respectively, each swivel bushing rack “chassis” is made of cut width of 6 mm. the Latch are urged to the respective bushings struts springs. When you turn the rack “chassis” rod on the stopper falls into the cavity joint sleeve stand — and the latter is secured in the released position. To remove the “chassis”, it is necessary to press the stopper stand freely will be removed. It should be noted that the two pillars are released simultaneously as they are combined with area-footrest.
The device clamps racks
Device fixator struts “chassis”:
1 — latch (bolt M6); 2—spring; 3—stopper; 4—hinge bushing rack “chassis”; 5—support washer; 6—a casing of the seat; 7—tube; 8—the screw or screw; 9—rack “chassis”

Seat construction
Seat construction:
1 —seat box; 2—mounting bracket rubber belt; 3—rubber band; 4—gasket (foam); 5—faux leather

Handle — telescopic: in the retracted position, it is no different from the handle of the suitcase, but when unfolded strollers is extended from the lid of the suitcase (backrest) and fixed in this position lock screws. To ensure reliable handle extension on the backrest frame are fixed two bushings, machined aluminum. The handle is bent from the pipe (stainless steel) with a diameter of about 16 mm. Pre-tensioned on the handle comfortable plastic handle.

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