INSTRUMENTAL .. . HEADBANDMany professions in certain situations, that is, not enough hands. To cope with such situations in different ways. For example, the shoemaker keeps the nails in his mouth, the seller pencil behind the ear, the cutter sticks-pins-needles in her apron and chalk keeps in a special pocket…

There are almost hopeless situation. In particular, the ladders are extremely uncomfortable to use pouch. As, however, and the roofer on the roof. And to keep your tools, small consumables “at hand, but where necessary” (say, on the ramp) you can not — will definitely slide down.
Even more difficult for the driver: naduma it to get a drink of water at the wheel — too great a risk to be distracted from the road and get into an accident.
it was easier and safer to work (or relax without being distracted by trivia), I propose to make a headband — wrap of cassettes (and even for montermoso with soft drinks). The ring base is best to do sheet metal (aluminum). To do this, take a strip of appropriate dimensions, bend and trim the coverage of the head, leaving space for the smaller canopy of the same metal (and plastic). Visor to attach to a small Hoop studs with a diameter of 2-3 mm.
1 — Hoop-base, 2 — lined soft, 3 — tape, 4 — tool, 5 — canopy, 6 — hose 7 — mini-thermos.

To wrap tightly with a visor and at the same time, gently pressed the head should be on the inner side paste fabric paste, better — half of the folded flannel. And in the temples to headband to place a small (and, if necessary, and volume) magazine of tinplate. The load should be the same so that the Hoop does not slip to one side.
For such an unusual “service” you can use various commercially available caps. And cartridges to them it is easy to sew. Moreover, the substrate used and the threads must be strong enough.
Moscow region

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