WATER AND PUMP IN THE DEAD OF WINTERSubmersible vibration electric pumps Malysh, Rucheek — not uncommon for systems of Autonomous supply of small enterprises, including farmers. They are compact, easy to use, they have quite a reasonable price. But here’s the problem: before the freezing temperatures of such pumps, alas, I fold. When you turn off the pump in winter the water as it is locked in a feed hose, and having no drain hole, freezes.

To help, it would seem, could the drain hole in the bottom of the hose. However, if it is too large, the working pressure of the pump will be weak, and if too small, the water in the freezing cold will still freeze.

“Modelist-Konstruktor” once recommended as one of the solutions to enter into the hose pump automatic drain valve (see # 7’86 of the magazine). Practice has shown: the right decision — with this device no frost is not terrible.
Operates the drain valve.
Water enters the cavity of the housing and thanks to a strong enough pressure bends the membrane-located up and against the liner. The result is overlap and extending from it radial holes.
Water through four membrane openings with a diameter of 6 mm and four holes with a diameter of 8 mm in the liner is directed into the cavity of the cap and connecting hose comes out.
Drain valve-automatic
Drain valve-automatic:
1 — body, 2 — membrane, 3 — liner, 4 — gasket, 5 — cover, 6 — bolt M5 (4x). Parts 2 and 4 of rubber, rest — of brass or bronze.

When the pump is turned off, the membrane is rectified, the Central and radial holes in the liner are opened and the water drained through the gap “a”. However, due to the peculiarities of the structural design of the gap of a strong lateral jets during discharge no. And therefore excluded, and the turbidity of the water in the well, typical for deep immersion of the pump, and undesirable wash the walls of a log house (wells).
To equip the system of individual water supply this drain valve automatic by even a novice homebrew. Details required, and they can produce in any workshop. Unit start — almost instantly and when turned off, the drain network 25 m in length takes less than one minute. Therefore, even the most severe frost does not have time to bind the water in the system. We just have to make sure that the hose from the house to the pump was free of kinks and had a constant slope. The rest — a trick.
V. KAZIN, Penza

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