EASYThe wall-shelf will be useful primarily to those who just moved into a new apartment and furnishings have not got to make a “bookcase” for a couple of days off and then be used as a temporary until I can buy furniture at the store or make a more “solid” design. In the latter case, the rack can be disassembled, and the materials to use in the new home. In addition, this wall, made in the style of “youth fashion” will that fit in an interior room of a student, student.

The design of the rack is clear from the picture — it’s a long shelves placed between the U-shaped tables-spacers. Naturally, the most suitable material for shelf boards with a thickness of 15…20 mm. But is quite suitable and hardboard or panel, glued together from strips or plywood strips with thickness of 12 mm.
Easy rack (appearance — 1st region).
A simple rack (appearance — on the 1st.):
1 — regiment (Board 20(30)х280(300)X2000(2500) mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — side panel cabinets (particle Board, 20х250х340 mm, 8 PCs.), 3 — back wall cabinets (particle Board, 20х210х340 mm, 4 PCs.), 4 — the dowel Ø 6 mm, 5 — door (particleboard, 20х210х330 mm) 6 — M5 screw (2 PCs. per Cabinet), 7 — the magnetic latch.

Cabinets-spacers are made of particle Board, with the connection of the walls to the studs and greasing joints casein glue. If desired, cabinets can be equipped with hinged doors. And if a lockable cupboard will be on the floor, the axis of the door is better positioned in the bottom corners of the sidewalls, and to exclude spontaneous opening is to use a magnetic or ball furniture latches.
The number of shelves, cabinets, their size can vary within very wide limits, depending on area of the home and its overall design. The same will be determined and the method of decorative finish designs. The only thing you should pay extra attention in order to avoid unpleasant consequences: the shelf must be securely fixed to the wall.

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