JACK-Well-lit birch chocks, hot! To heat the furnace with fuel such a pleasure. However, they still need to stock up. And the one who chopped wood knows what it’s like to wave with an axe a few hours, especially with the habit. It is not easy to do the job, and the elderly.
Tireless and dependable assistant can be a simple device, the “salt” which is in use as “muscle” hydraulic Jack.
Perhaps no man, who had not seen at least once in your life as the driver of the car a few hand movements easily lifts with the help of this tool multi-ton colossus. In order to “retrain” the same Jack in a lumberjack, you have to make a special frame. Structurally, it is a double-seat beam with one end hinged “muscle”, the other the wedge. Between them a bed for the block of wood.
Since the effort is in the hundreds and even thousands of pounds, structural elements of hydrocodone, call it so, needs to be powerful enough. The beam, for example, it is better to cook out of steel channel and steel strip of thickness 10 mm. made of the same impressive and clean. He console is welded to the segment of the channel is slightly larger, which can be fixed in several positions, depending on the length of the block of wood.
1 — beam, 2 — box man, 3 — retaining bolt 4 — channel wedge 5 — carrying handle wedge, 6 — the case of the wedge, 7 — log, 8 — resistant heel of the stock, 9 — return spring, 10 — the Jack 11 — the handle of the pressure relief oil, 12 — handle, 13 — rear support jacks, 14 — front support, the 15 — member wedge, 16 — clip Jack.
The Jack installed on the beam horizontally on two supports. Front — M-shaped bracket with the clamp, covering the body of the instrument. Rear — two plates; to them are attached the spring that returns the rod to its original position after removing the oil pressure in the cylinder.
Here’s how to use hydrocodone. Placing it on the desktop or workbench, down to the wood wedge and begin pitching pen. Quite a few movements to the rod pressed on the block and he took off. Need to clean logs, a handle reset to remove the oil pressure (the spring will return the piston and rod in initial position) and lay new block.
It may seem that the game is not worth the candle. Simpler times to swing the axe. All the way, nobody argues, if block a single. Well, if their full back of a truck? Enough knotty? There’s no youthful bravado will not help — only mechanism.

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