KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARDModern new kitchen in the apartment have an area for 10 — 12 square meters. They can place the necessary equipment that allows you to create the proper convenience not only for cooking but also eating. However, unfortunately, the number of spacious kitchens in the total housing Fund is still small: in the majority is a small kitchen area which just 5 to 7 m2.

The proposed variant of the compact (dimensions 1100 — 1200x2100x720) kitchenette in a cupboard (Fig.1) will help to solve the problem of location of main equipment in small urban apartments, but in houses, hotels, garden house or cottage.

What kind of Cabinet that holds the equipment of the whole kitchen? Externally, this unusual set in a closed form it looks just like a really compact Cabinet. But in an open — contains real kitchen with a set of necessary equipment.

A constructive basis to provide two side wooden panels with a width of 720 mm and a horizontal shelf which holds the whole structure together. They represent the frame of the Cabinet. To provide additional rigidity to the back of the Cabinet is attached to the thin wall of plywood or wood fiber (hardboard).

Fig. 1. Kitchenette in the

Fig. 1. Kitchenette in the “wardrobe”:

1—jalousie; 2—pull-out cutting Board; 3—door fridge 4—door washing compartment 5—compartment waste bin; 6—drawer Cutlery

Fig. 2 . The equipment of the kitchenette

Fig. 2 . The equipment of the kitchenette:

1—refrigerator; 2 — SV-the furnace; 3 — shelf; 4 — dish drying rack; 5—the spilling; 6—washer; 7—compartment of the waste bin; 8—extractor; 9—oven; 10—lamp; 11—the top


Parts and nodes connecting the vertical and horizontal elements is shown in figure 2.

Basic equipment of the kitchenette consists of fridge, sink with mixer tap, pull-out work surface and blinds. The last “hiding” at the top, easy to fall, spinning, and close if necessary, half of the front surface of the Cabinet when it is in non-working condition.

Additional equipment mini-kitchen are cooker hood that removes odours arising from the cooking, then the microwave oven, two-ring electric hob, occupying little space next to the sink, dish drainer, various shelves, holders and designs of pendants (rails) for cups, utensils. Under the sink is a drawer-container for Cutlery. It moves with the rollers that move on metal rails. Underneath is a compartment with a dustbin, a dustpan and a broom.

To protect the “top” of the various fatty stains, you must close it with a plastic sheet, which surface is easy to clean, to clean.

For illumination of the working area cuisine Kiev use a special lamp mounted on the side wall above the tiles — without the need for additional light from the side of the room.

A kitchenette is installed in the place where you can connect water, electricity and for discharge of effluent from the washer. Proper connection to all systems guarantees reliable and long-term operation of the kitchen in the closet.

V. STRASHNOV, architect

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