I wonder whether someone from the research of sociologists on the importance of mirrors in women’s lives? Indeed, since the introduction of mirrors to the present day they have for the fair sex is some magical, magnetic power. It’s safe to say that none of the women can not imagine without them its existence. So if you don’t know what to present your beloved woman a gift, or how to win her affection, give the gift of mirror. And not just store-bought, and definitely added a homemade frame of the original form. Some interesting examples of design of mirrors offers the German magazine “Praktik”.

“Mirage in the desert”


This is the most simple version of making mirrors. For its implementation need to collect from boards section 25х80 mm rectangular frame and place at the bottom of barchan dunes, and along one of the vertical sides — “cactus”. All overlays are cut out of plywood with a thickness of 8 mm For the connection of the parts of the frame used wooden pins Ø 6 mm. Mirror is attached to the frame with glazing beads section of 10×10 mm or inserted into selected rear slots.
An important role is played by the color scheme: “cacti” it is better to paint in green, “the dunes” — in various shades of yellow and brown “sun” to make a bright red, and the frame is white.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. “Mirage in the desert”:
1 — “cactus” (plywood 8х420х1450 mm) 2 — frame (Board 25х80х1630 mm — 2 PCs, 25х80х580 mm — 2 PCs.), 3 — mirror (5x600x1600 mm), 4 — “dunes” (plywood 8х420х580 mm, 8х300х580 mm, 8х250х580 mm, 8х120х580 mm).
Indicated on the drawings the dimensions correspond to the mirror dimensions 600х1600 mm. If you buy in store or order in the Studio is a big mirror on fails, then the entire structure can be proportionally reduced or modified as applied to existing materials. This recommendation applies, incidentally, to all further developments.



As the previous mirror, this option is intended primarily for the hallway. The design is the same, only the mirror does not have its own frames, and decorative add-ons serve as “palm” and a small shelf for keys, gloves and other small things.
Looks good, such a composition in the following color variations: palm leaves — green, the trunk brown, shelves for gloves and hats and also clothes hangers and skirting — red. The wall you can hang a plain light Wallpaper or paint in yellow.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2. “Oasis”:
1 — green wood (plywood 8х650х1700 mm), 2 — mirror (5х600х1600 mm) 3 — shelf for hats (DSP 20х180х1000 mm) 4 — shelf for the “little things” (DSP 20х180х1000 mm), 5 — stand (DSP 20х280х280 mm, 20х160х280 mm — 2 PCs.).
“The Apple tree”
The feature of “Apple” and that is located in her “crone” colored “apples”-light bulbs do not require additional lighting. To install such a mirror can be on only in the hallway but in the room using its included with vanity while applying makeup.
Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. “The Apple tree”:
1 — “Apple” (plywood 8х380х1950 mm — 2 PCs, 8х480х580 mm) 2 — frame (timber 20х20х1600 mm — 2 PCs, 20х40х750 mm — 2 PCs, 20х40х300 mm — 2 PCs.), 3 lamp (40 Втх220 In, 5 PCs.), 4 — mirror (5х600х1600 mm), 5 — hanger (ball Ø 35 mm, 4 PCs.).

“Mirror house” and “Cubes”
A woman is a woman, even if she was still a little. Therefore, your daughter will of course be very happy to own mirror, built-in, for example, in a small box that looks like a house. The basic material for its production — plywood with a thickness of 10 mm. Mirrored cabin door is hinged with piano hinge and opens outward. Inside the house is installed a few shelves. Their power framework can serve as a wall-mounted aluminum brackets.
Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. “House”:
1 mirror (5х480х1320 mm), 2 — “house” (plywood 10х1300х1700 mm), 3 — rail (10 x 10 mm), 4 — loop piano, 5 — baffle (Board 20х250х1330 mm, 2 PCs.).
Another design for the Danish room — bookcase composed of colored cubes, open on one side and having on the opposite side of the mirror. Feature shelves that cubes can be rotated or, conversely, is set so as to form a mirror. On the sides of “cubes” fixed hooks or balls-racking. Fixed base is assembled from two chipboards of thickness 20 mm Axles are the four of a wooden rod with a diameter of 12 mm, exactly at the mid length of which is glued a plywood washer-spacer with a diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 5 mm.
Fig. 5.
Fig. 5. “Cubes”:
1 — stand (DSP 20х540х540 mm, 20х600х600 mm), 2 — cube (plywood 10х280х300 mm — 2 PCs; 10х300х300 mm — 2 PCs.), 3 — axis…12х60 Ø 10 mm (4 PCs) 4 — spacer (plywood 5 mm thick, 4-piece), 5 — mirror (5х300х300 mm, 5 PCs.).

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