MIRRORS OPENWORK RIMMaterial: metal rod Ø 3 mm, metal profile 8X8 mm, non-ferrous metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm and a strip thickness of 2 mm, mirror, black matte paint. Tools and equipment hacksaw, file, hammer, metal shears, needle for marking, blowtorch, welding machine, meter and brush.

Manufacturer. Terminals 1 and 4 are sawn off from the profile, a preform ring 7 — rod, after crooking his late assistant device. For the manufacture of decorative items 3 need to make a template of 1:1 of thin cardboard (the radii are arbitrary), and then put it on a sheet of colored metal outline needle for marking and cut. After processing the edges of the detail bounces with a hammer in a cold state and is formed so that the internal rays she lay down on the frame, and under it.
After cutting out parts 2,5,6 processing the edges with a file, while the squares 5 is formed ornament. Degli 8 and 9 are holders of a mirror. They saw off from the strip and bent and the grip of the hammer.
Assembly. From parts 1 and 4 is a frame in the form of a rectangle. The welding process a file. On the top of the frame are soldered decorative elements 5 and 6, and the lower part 2. Then the frame is soldered mounts of the mirrors 8 and 9. Last fasten the ring 7 and the decorative details 3.
Material: metal rod Ø 3,6 and 10 mm, sheet metal thickness 2 mm strip metal section 2X15 mm, paint and mirror.
Tools and equipment: hacksaw, file, hammer, blowtorch and welding machine, meter and tassel.
Manufacturer. From rod: Ø 10 mm saw off part 1 and 2 and are welded at a 90° angle, the spot welds processed with a file. From rod Ø 6 mm procured items 5. The decorative ends* details 3 cut from a strip of blanks, process a file, a ring bend and then is given a small deflection in the middle. Rings, designed for the suspension frame, bend in a vise using any auxiliary tool. Parts 6 and 4 are also from strip metal.
Assembly. To the frame from parts 1 and 2, connected with a small indentation at the corners (in the mirror), pre-welded also connected by soldering decorative items 3. The top and bottom of the “chain” of decorative details on the sides are connected by a part 5. Bracket 6 and parts of 4, used to mount mirrors, welded from the back side of the frame.
Material: metal rod Ø 4 and 10 mm, non-ferrous metal sheets with thickness 1 and 2 mm, mirror, primer for metal, paint.
Tools and equipment: hacksaw, file, hammer, metal shears, needle for marking, blowtorch, welding machine, meter and brush.
Manufacturer. Detail 2 bend of the rod Ø10 mm (can be replaced with profiled iron 8X8 mm), using pipe bending equipment. Both ends are welded and processed with a file.
Procurement for parts 3, 4 and 6 are sawn off from a rod of Ø 4 mm and bent by hand in a vise. Decorative 5 leaves cut with scissors for metal. After processing the edges they get on the anvil in cold condition. Procurement for parts 7 and 1 are sawn off from the strip and bent in a vise with a hammer. Caliche 8 bend with a hammer before sawing from the rod.
Assembly. First 2 are welded to the frame parts 1, 7 and 8. Then going decorative part: leaf 5 soldered parts 4 and 6, they — of part 3, which pattern is connected to the frame. After covering the frame with primer applied paint of any color. Decorative elements made of colored metal can be patinirovanie.

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