NOT THE RING FROM HIS FINGERSometimes it is difficult to remove on finger tight ring, but much harder — pressed on the shaft bushing or bearing, Not accidentally creating a variety of devices. One of such devices is presented at the NTTM-78 innovator Vladimir Gusev. His puller is very simple and is intended for locksmith’s and repair work — for example, the removal of the bearings from the shaft of the motors. Crank handle with screw case, with the teeth pull the chain and the gripper bar are all a device this portable remover. For adjustment of grippers for various diameter bearings or dismantling of the cross member bushings are supplied with screws.

The puller works easily and effectively. Grips with screw down bearing; thrust, selecting up the slack, set the teeth of the housing and rotation of the knob, the screw which abuts the end of shaft, bearing produce to eat.
Army of innovators designed a device based on another principle — the warm-up removable sleeve. This inductor included in a single-phase network of 50 Hz, a secondary winding which are mnogoserijnyj of transformer iron: in working condition, they are shorted to ground compact sleeve. Induced in the secondary winding current simultaneously with eddy currents that arise in the sleeve which heats it. The sleeve expands and is easily removed from the shaft.
Chain puller:
1 — crank handle with screw 2 — housing with teeth, 3 — chain traction, 4 — corner grippers, 5 — cross member with screws
The scheme of the inductor puller
Diagram of the inductor of the puller:
1, 6 — steel ring unit, 2 — winding, 3 — core (secondary winding), 4 — anchor, 5 — hinge, 7 — stick, 8 — cable with a plug.
The fixture consists of a steel swivel ring block, which is fixed to ten U-shaped cores. Their grooves are stacked coil consisting of 250 turns of wire Ø 3,5 mm. Transformer iron core strapped with copper rivets. The power coil is carried out via a three-core cable (third lived is used for the grounding ring unit). Outside on the housing of the fixture has two handles and eyebolt — for his travels.
This inductor is indispensable for opressovka bushings or bearings inner rings with shafts at rehabilitation, especially in cases where their removal by mechanical means is impossible. To warm up parts spent a total of about 20 C.

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