OF OBEDIENT METALIn our today’s collection of commemorative gifts to guests of the XII world festival of youth and students gifts, coined by reader “M-K” Muscovite K. Skvortsov. The Foundation of them all — processing of sheet metal, having the shape of a saucer or plate. To make them, it is necessary to develop so-called metal spinning. They are performed on any lathe, and is intended to process wood. In an extreme case, you can use and secured on the solid basis of a sufficiently powerful electric motor.
To give the sheet material the appropriate form, and will need special tools: a juicer’s, or trowel. If you use them on the lathe, screw-cutting lathe, they should have a tool holder designed to mount them in the tool holder. Well, if work is performed on the machine tool on wood, tool required long wooden handle — the same as the cutters-chisels. In addition, the armrest of the machine should drill some holes d 6-8 mm for the steel pins-emphasis. The same armrest you will need for a makeshift machine out of the motor.
Fig. 1. The scheme of processing of sheet material by extrusion
Fig. 1. The scheme of processing of sheet material by extruding:
1 – matrix (hard wood or metal). 2 — metal plate 3 — devilink. 4 — Chuck lathe.

Square metal plate from which extruded billet, fixed in the matrix, carved from birch, beech or if you intend to do a whole series billet aluminum. To whenever not to engage in the alignment matrix in the Chuck of the machine, mark on it the position of one of the three Cams, labeled by any method, such as point core.
Before working the metal shall be thoroughly annealed. By the way, this same operation need to be repeated periodically in the screed, otherwise, because of the strong zawartosci the workpiece during processing will break.
Square plate must be securely fastened to the matrix. The easiest way to do it, turning down the corners of the plate, and drilled holes in them, fix it with screws.
Fig. 2. The method of fastening the plate into the matrix
Fig. 2. The method of fastening the plate on the matrix
Before working the metal is lubricated with grease, and then turn on the machine, and devilinia, moving it from the center to the periphery, in the sky, the cavity of the desired shape. This work should be done very carefully, only a little each pass increasing the depth of the depression. Otherwise, the metal can break into the workpiece will be spoiled.
When you are finished drawing, cut the workpiece by the cutter, but do not separate it from the matrix — in this case it may come in contact with the toolholder, and the resulting dents would have then had to withdraw. Completely separate preform best with a knife, cut them the remaining 0.2—0.3 mm.
Fig. 3. The handrest woodworking lathe
Fig. 3. The handrest woodworking lathe:
1 the handrest.2 — pin-stop.

Using a matrix can extrude billets of different forms — they will be the basis of the original souvenir.
The first is a brass plate in the center of which is fixed a rod with a dove.
“Dove” is cut with a jigsaw from a sheet of brass with the subsequent refinement work and careful polishing. The picture on the bottom of the bowl — festival logo — engraved with a graver or by using a drill. You can use small chisels-secimi — they contour, a notch groove. Looks good emblem, cut from the same metal and soldered to the bottom.
Fig. 4. Devilcake
Fig. 4. Devilcake:
1 — main. 2, for forming grooves.

And this is a plate with view of Moscow. Drawing is best done by embossing. It is necessary to perform lining of hard rubber with additional rubber circles in the processing of bottom outside.
When performing embossing on the rim of the plate is sealed in a box with the resin — bitumen from the pulverized filler (ash or ceramic bricks).
Fig. 5. Devilink to work on a woodworking lathe
Fig. 5. Devilink to work on a woodworking lathe.

It turns out very beautiful brass flask, two welded extruded plates. Please note that pre-procurement inside definitely zasuzhivayut food tin (POS-90). Solders other brands for this purpose cannot be used. The surface under the Paluda carefully trimmed, degreased, after which she applied the soldering iron a little tin. Then the workpiece is heated to solder melting, and he pounded on the workpiece swab of cotton fabric. Heating the metal is better on a hotplate.
Fig. 6. The armrest of a simple machine: 1 — line. 2 — clamp.
Fig. 6. The armrest of a simple machine:
1 — line.2 — clip

On the 4th page of the cover shows some more Souvenirs using crushed pieces. For example, the candlestick-bowl. Pen and candle holder from brass tube or rolled strip soldered to the saucer, pattern (pattern) on the handle wygravirovano or notch subiram.
Impressive metal (e.g., aluminum) candy dish. To the already known dish is only prilepite lugs and fasten them twisted polished handle.
Finally, a decorative lamp. The function of the lampshade in it serve two embossed copper plates, and the ceiling is a beautiful bottle with the bottom cut off. To fix the latter will help the crushed ring, worn on the edge of the bottle and United wire ties with a plate-shade.

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