Kerosene Primus “Record” for a long time I had in the garden house. At first I wanted to throw it away, because kerosene is now even in the village rarely to be found, but then changed his mind, decided to move to a more affordable fuel — gasoline.
However, to replace kerosene with gasoline impossible. The first has a high temperature of vaporization, so the burner is at “Record” is arranged so that fuel to the injector is fed from the reservoir directly, and the tube held over the flame of the stove. Here it is vaporized and mixed with air at the exit of the nozzle is ignited.
Gasoline, with its lower temperature of vaporization, the hot tube will instantly boil, resulting in a pressure increase in the tank, an explosion and fire.
To “Record” worked reliably and safely, needed a new burner. Its parts I machined out of steel (but can be made of brass). Cap and the reflector in the bell housing lying loosely, without attachment; they are easy to remove if you need to clean the nozzle. The latter prevents clogging twisted into a roll chicken wire metal mesh (mount — a drop of solder POS-60).
Burner runs about the same as a blowtorch. Under the pressure of the injected air pump, the gasoline rises to the nozzle and is injected into the space between the cap and reflector. Here it is vaporized, mixed with air, heated and going through the small holes of the reflector, is ignited.
Burner design.
The burner design:
1 — body, 2 — nozzle, 3 — cap, 4 — reflector.
For the operation of a kerosene stove in the open air I made from steel sheet of thickness 0.5 mm draft shield, worn over the burner. (In a pinch you can use a proper canning jar, carefully cut from the lid and the bottom.) Casing height approximately equal to the height of the torch body in the working position, the diameter is slightly more; the edges are perforated with holes of Ø 8 mm by 15 mm.
Fig. 2. Windproof jacket.
Fig. 2. Windproof jacket.
Heated with a kerosene stove in the same way as kerosene, using alcohol, denatured alcohol, gasoline or dry fuel. In inclement weather it is better to take the last, cut and moistened in gasoline.
The burner flame should be pale blue. If it forms a torch, a kerosene stove to immediately extinguish and repeat the heating. The same is done when the flame hums and glows reflector. This means that the burner parts are installed in the socket incorrectly.
In addition, you should Supplement the safety regulations specified in the operating instructions kerosene Primus: do not use gasoline with an octane rating of 93 more; don’t pour it in the hot or operating the stove; do not mix with lubricants — it does not reduce its Flammability. Finally, do not use leaded fuels — they are toxic.

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