SPORTS TOWERBoys and girls older — of those with parents engaged in morning exercises and Jogging successfully perform various exercises on the “adult” gymnastics cross-complexes. But for children of younger age it is useful to build a “sports tower”: he is sure to become one of the favorite places for kids games, where you can show your dexterity, strength, speed.

Represents the construction of a wooden house with a height of 1900 mm with a square base 1900×1900 mm, multi hipped roof, the two input openings and a viewing window. The house is set on two solid column to a height of about two meters from the ground. One of the openings is mounted a metal pole: it is possible to climb into the house, pulling on his hands, or, conversely, to slip down. By another approach, two stairs: inclined and horizontal wooden, metal, the opposite side it is supported by columns. On the ground around the Playground stacked wooden bars: they serve gymnastic logs.

Make first elements of the frame of the house is the Foundation of boards section 50X120 mm and a length of 1900 and 1800 mm and a triangular frame walls. The latter are equilateral: 1900 mm on a side. Then at a distance of 1400 mm from each other will deepen vertically into the ground pillars-“nohn”. They should be zabudovani and filled with concrete. Therefore prepare two holes under the Foundation to a depth of one meter and dimensions of 600×600 mm. Height pillars — 3000 mm and cross-section 200X200 mm. of Concrete will need about 1 m3.
Now raise the base of the columns and rigidly secure it in a horizontal position by inclined props. Nastenka sheets of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm, proceed to the Assembly. Arrange vertically around the perimeter of the frame wall, connect them together at the vertices of a d-pad, pull the side edges and sew shut. Put together the frame of the two input openings of a width of 600 mm U-shaped forms (from the boards section 50×100 mm), the height of their pick up place: it will be approximately 1000 mm. the same frame — window, only added to the horizontal plank under the window.
R and S. 1. Sports complex
Fig. 1. Sports complex:
1 — base “hut” 2 — a window frame-door. 3 — wall, 4 — pole, 5 — beam crosspieces of the roof, 6 — fin rays, 7 — tiles of the ridge, 8 — plastic roof coating. 9 — roof, 10 — decorative plate. 11 — door frame, 12 — floor house on 13 — horizontal ladder, 14 — foot pole ladder, 15 — angled access ladder. 16 — concrete-Foundation. 17 — post-“foot”, 1V — inclined prop.

The roof and walls of the house are sheathed with plywood on top of it with some overlap on the d-pad and у1лам stacked sheets plastic. They are fixed decorative straps on the fins of rays, triangles wall, openings. Top cover the spider in the center of the plastic tiles in the size 150X150 mm. And one more thing: do the bottom walls of the 8-mm drill some slanted holes for the flow falling on the floor rain water.
Finished with “hut”, take the stairs. Their sizes next: slanted — 500×4000 mm horizontal — 400X2800 mm. please Note that the first of them should be on two feet buried in the ground.
Stand wooden stairs manufacture of boards 30X200 mm, size of steps, 20×250 mm, the distance between them is 280 mm. Pipe metal stairs shall have diameters not less than 48 mm (load-bearing) and 21 mm (crossbar), the distance between the steps is 300 mm, the support poles under it — 3600 mm height and a cross section of 100×100 mm. For vertical pole, use the tube Ø 50×3 mm; its top draws to the metal bracket and tighten the bolts on the crosspiece of the roof. Please note that as the pillars of the legs, the pole, inclined ladder, the support poles horizontal ladders shall be zabudovani in sufficient depth. They can also serve as load-bearing elements of the Assembly.
Fig. 2. Base
Fig. 2. The basis of the “hut”:
1 — post-“foot”, 2 — floor frame. 3 — floor (plywood), 4 — beam transverse kit (50X120X1800 mm), 5 — beam longitudinal (50Х120Х1800 mm), 6 — inclined to backup.

Fig. 3. Frame
Fig. 3. Frame “hut”:
1 — frame walls (timber 504 X100 mm), 2 — window frame-door, 3 — bars crosses (50X120X1900 50X120X mm and 2400 mm), a 4 window frame, 5 — fin rays: A — roof B — wall house
Upon completion of the construction works razreshite covering the walls n the roof of the house under a Board and tiles (you can just paint the surface with bright colors), floor cover with nitroenamel, trumpet — black lacquer on metal (furnace or asphalt), the remaining wooden parts of the complex — at first linseed oil and then furniture Polish.
The soil at the site is necessary to avoid injury to prepare as soft. Fill it with sawdust, and it is best to lay the turf. And the last guys will be interested — on top of the pole hung a small bell. The one who can reach him, notify the cheerful link.

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