SCREEN AND NOT ONLYThe heating battery is a necessary part of every apartment. Cast iron “bunching” of the old production and even modern variations are far from aesthetic perfection. To eliminate this drawback of the interior proposed a simple and practical design – Cabinet-screen. The front panel it has a sliding part to which the rear attached to the frame of pine slats for drying clothes. On top of the cabinets can be decorative vases and pots of heat-loving plants.

The basis of decorative-screen – P-way-Naya Tumba size: 1000x900x300 mm.


Material for it can serve as a chipboard with a thickness of 20 mm. the Top panel has a size of 1000×300 mm, side – 880×300 mm. In the connections pane, planted on a plug-in tongue (this job requires attention and care).

To install the box on the battery use two l-shaped metal bracket, one end of the bracket is attached to the inner side of the top panel, the other to the wall.

The facade is closed by a perforated hardboard sheet, is inserted in a frame of pine slats with a cross section of 50×20 mm.


The length of the upper horizontal rail is 1000 mm, the lower – 960 mm Length-side vertical slats (2) is 620 mm, With the inner side of the frame is mounted a U-shaped frame retractable part. It is used for drying Laundry. Form a frame of pine slats: one with a length of 860 mm and two at 280 mm. cross-Section of the used rails 35×16 mm. To the side rails extendable parts are mounted on two articulated slats on each side. The length of the slats for 770 mm (diameter 35×16 mm) and the ends are rounded. Attachment of the slats at the top is bolted. At the bottom on the sides of the boxes with screws are mounted on two metal plates with dimensions 50x30x1,5 mm. In the center of each plate is welded a threaded rod to a length of 30 mm.


Stand-battery heating

Cabinet-battery heating:

1 – retractable mounting frame of the screen (pine slats section 50×20 mm); 2 – the case tables screen (20 mm chipboard); 3 – magnetic latch; 4 – groove under the screen; 5 – articulated sliding guides of the frame; 6 – hinge (steel plate with rod); 7 – screen (perforated hardboard sheet (folded); 8 – thrust bearing

Collected “chetyrehrogaja” structure is attached to the upper rack front frame and front panel together with a sliding rack to box cabinets. Under him in each of the legs at a distance of 15 mm from the rounded end of the drilled holes with a diameter of 7 mm. then in each of the holes is passed a stud plate and nut on it.

The nomination of a drying front panel remains in a vertical position. After folding the legs of the dryer screen panels are raised above the floor at 60 mm Below this position was sustainable, at the bottom of the box made glides dimensions 60x50x20 mm. For fixing use countersunk screws.

The finished Cabinet can be painted to taste in any color or veneered, plastic in accordance with the interior of the room.


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