READY FOR THE ARRIVAL OF GUESTSIn small families for meals often use the kitchen: quick and convenient — all at your fingertips. But the most cramped kitchens — normal “family” table size, say, 900×900 mm it will not deliver. It would seem that the solution is to use folding (food) design. However, the transformation of the table from small to large and Vice versa is accompanied by a significant inconvenience. For example, in the embodiment, when the table top is hinged at the top, you must first all of its items somewhere to move. In another embodiment, when the extra worktop is lowered and hangs vertically, it prevents the knees seated at the table of people.

So, the first option is inconvenient if you want to make the table large, the second — if it remains small.
Offer the design, devoid of these shortcomings. Additional counter space here extends from the core so that the objects on the table remain in place, and the space under it is always free and available.
The size of the design selected on the basis of specific conditions. For our small kitchen is better than others came covered with white plastic tabletop size 920x460x24 mm from two discarded school desks. Under these sizes I expected, the grounds and details a telescopic consoles.
The table I put near the window. So in expanded form it is not overturned (additional support is not present), the posterior part (base bar) slipped without a gap beneath the sill. To the strap with the help rojalnoj loops attached primary surfaces: at the time of nomination with additional tops, it will be slightly up.
Extension mechanism is simple. It has a telescopic console, consisting of wooden wedges and metal rails that allow for more countertop as if to come out from under the main. Details of the consoles included in the work in turn: first, the wedges slide along the guide rails until the screws do not choose the length of the horizontal slots in the corners, then start to move themselves, too, until, until the selected length of the vertical grooves. Total length of horizontal and vertical grooves enough to the worktop, raised (with her serving items) at a slight angle, again occupied their original position (based now on the piano loop and the backs of the wedges).
Dining table assembled
Dining table assembled:
I – base plate, 2 piano hinge, 3 main counter, 4 — extra worktop, 5 basis.

Table extended with extra counter space
Table with supplementary tabletop extended:
1 — wedge (beech, bar 60×30, Ь450, 2 PCs.), 2. 50×8 screw (2 PCs.), 3 — guide rail (steel area 35x35x3, 2 PCs.), 4 — propyl for the screw head, 5 — base plate, 6 — piano hinge, 7 — notch for the wedge, 8 — the worktop, H — axis (bolt M8 2 PCs.), 10 — extra worktop.

Guide right (left is mirror image)
Guide right (left is mirror image).
Right wedge (left — mirror image)
Right wedge (left — mirror image).
The reverse process is also simple: the worktop is raised and under it until it stops dropping additional.
The materials I sought out those that are stronger: for base, base strap and gussets — hardwood, rails for — steel area. The grooves were cut with a hacksaw, pre-drilled at the edges of the two holes enough to slip the saw blade. With this in mind: the total length of the grooves at each corner should be equal to the width of the additional table tops.
Sampling under the bolt heads on the wedges were reserval on woodworking machines, although at a certain skill to do this and a conventional chisel.
And the last one. Advice to those who feared that the angle that lifted the worktop, still too big and the dishes may not stay at the same place: on sale are covered with plastic panels with a thickness of only 16 mm — use them, the angle is reduced to 2°. And you will be able in case of a sudden arrival of guests to double the area of your dining room table without spilling even soup bowls!

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