RETRO SHELF FOR KITCHENWhat the shelf life is not I had to do for the home and garden. After all, not every purchase can fit into the interior of the apartment: the shape does not like it, the size is not suitable, then the place does not fit. And with regard to beautiful hand-carved shelves, the price may not be acceptable for families with low incomes. So we have to do on their own to be able to meet all the requirements of the owner.

There is, however, a natural fear that most will not do this. But experience shows that this fear is not: to make any carved shelf is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Follow my example and advice and to safely handle the case.

During regular renovation of the kitchen shelf it was necessary to incorporate into the opening of liquidated window. This is dictated primarily by its size, and the kitchen area — the requirement for its appearance. What eventually happened can be seen in the drawings.

Getting to the manufacture, it is necessary to begin, of course, with sketch drawings and blueprints. My weakness for carved wood products, the ability to own a jig saw and milling machine has determined the shape of the parts of the kitchen shelves. Curly conceived of the side wall, horizontal shelves, back and fencing; they are the drawings which I can tell to everyone his artistic taste and imagination.

After drawn part drawings in full size, preparing a stencil or any other way the designs are transferred on boards. Then parts are cut along the contour with a jigsaw. And to the product to give a beautiful look and completeness of forms, scalloped edge detail processed by hand electric milling machine using a set of corresponding milling cutters.

As the material for the shelf is best suited ready planed boards or plywood. For my shelves I used laminated furniture panels with a width of 240 mm and a thickness of 15 mm made of natural pine. After manufacture each of the parts separately covered one or two layers of nitrocellulose lacquer furniture and two or three layers of colorless varnish pentaphthalic PF-type. From the thus treated parts remain the natural color and texture of the wood. The connections details shelf performed on the screws 4×50 mm.

Carved kitchen shelf

Carved kitchen shelf:

1 – side panel (2 PCs); 2 — the bottom shelf; 3 — upper mantle; 4 — enclosure of the bottom shelves; 5 — column fence (5 pieces); 6 — back; 7 — beam; 8— boss (or furniture handle, 2); 9 — strap (2 PCs); 10— screws 4×25 (4 PCs); 11 —screws 4 x 50 (12 pieces); 12 — vygonochnye carnations; 13. fixing the fencing and posts

For fastening shelves to the wall in the upper part of the sidewalls using metal straps with holes for screws 4×25 mm.

The original decoration on the shelf looks the notched railing on the bottom shelf, set on short turned columns. It will protect against accidental falling out easily breakable items. In the lower part, it is expedient to attach the strap with hooks for suspending cooking things.

Between the ends of the sidewalls set happened to be on the farm screw a wooden bar for towels and additionally adorned the shelf. To protruding from side ends of the crossbar attached decorative wooden pillars (you can use Podhradie finished wood handle).

Horizontal shelves may be of different widths: the top is a little wider (or is already) than the lower; however, it is desirable that the curves on the front edge were the same, repeating the same pattern.

The cross member (sepco) in the upper part of the shelf can be cut from a solid Board width of 150 mm. I Have it is a composite of two parts, as it was made from leftovers. In such case, the connection of the two halves is necessary to seal the plywood back plate or thin metal plates.

Similarly, I have produced a carved shelves for bathroom and toilet, where they in addition to performing its direct functions will also serve as a decoration of these premises.

I emphasize once again: carved figural furniture is available in the manufacture of many; this is an interesting exercise, the results of which get a lot of satisfaction. So take up your tools and get to work — success to you!

V. AKIMOV, V I d n o e, Moscow region

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