RIDING THE LOADEREven the ancients said that the child, playing, exploring the world. And with the advent of various kinds of mechanical toys, followed by electric and electronic (signs century technological revolution), fun with them, be even and unobtrusive way of introduction, the little man in the multifaceted and exciting world of technology.

And what is surprising: next to ultra-modern remote-controlled toys or robots with a software mechanisms unrelentingly attracted to the simple “machines.” Children of the present and not get bored, because “program” their work sets the child of his imagination and a constant improvisation; adults that you can make them with their hands, and in front of children and with their participation, but that the joy of both.
Here’s one of those designs — loader, suitable for games at home and at the cottage or in the yard, in the sandbox (the pages of the magazine “Earmaster”, Hungary).
Trimming boards and planks Yes, a handful of nails are all that will be required for the manufacture of this toy that simulates building machine: bulldozer-loader for excavation work.
Of boards with a thickness of 20 mm are processed items 6, 7 and 9 of the housing of the loader and 10, 11 of the bucket (by drawing). They all gather on the nails and carpentry, casein glue or PVA. In the side body panels, stacked together, pre-drilled holes for the axles and parallelogram mechanism. The latter serves for lifting and aprekinasana bucket. It is collected from the respective strips or bars with a thickness of 20 mm (details 1, 2, 3). The washers 4 are sawn off from a round stick of suitable diameter as axis 8, 14 and tie 12.
The loader can be done and without wheels to lean on the ground with the bottom panel of the chassis. However, if you wish, you can have them cut four disks from any of the logs; good plywood. Fit them to the axle — free, reinforcement by a wooden wedge or a nub of a nail (without a hat).
The parallelogram mechanism is already assembled. The left vertical arm it is used for lifting the bucket, the right for holding in a horizontal position and rollover unloading.
The casing is simulated by the radiator, which she stuffed four straps 5.
The design turns out strong enough, so that the child can control the truck sitting on it.

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