ROLLER INSTEAD OF A BRUSHIf we built a fence for the front garden, master whether a garden bench, finished Lee gable house, one of the main stages — the painting of the boards. And of course, manually brushes. First one side, then the other. This method, of course, but is neither performance nor quality.

I propose a simple device that allows you to color the Board from two sides at once. It consists of base — plate steel, bolted to the floor, it is welded to the vertical brackets of the channel, two drums and tubs of paint.
The shaft of the lower drum of a hollow cylinder, covered by a layer of cellular rubber — rotates in bearings fixed in the brackets. Bath ears hanging on the shaft under the drum, the latter as a kind of “floats” in the paint.
Fig. 1. Paint machine
Fig. 1. Paint machine:
1 — plate, 2 — bolt, 3 — bracket, 4 — the bearing of the lower shaft, 5 — movable bearing of the upper shaft, 6 — adjusting screw, 7 — upper shaft 8 is the upper drum, 9 — lower drum, 10 — bath, 11 — painted Board.

Fig. 2. The upper drum
Fig. 2. The top of the drum.
1 — shaft, 2 — hollow cylinder, 2 — porous rubber, 4 — fill hole, 5 — perforation.

The upper shaft with the bearings can be raised or lowered by adjusting screws. It is also the spine of a drum, but with a perforated cylindrical portion. In one of its ends drilled (closer to the axis) of the filler hole — paint the drum gets not outside, but inside. She poured through the funnel and passing the perforations, is absorbed into a porous metal (foam). If now between the drums to set the gap corresponding to the size of the Board, and push it through the slit, then the Board will be painted at the same time on both sides.
N. TSARAPKIN, Tashkent

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