PACK — NOT A FOREIGNERSome just “containers” for books not used by students going to school, from stylish backpacks and briefcases to canvas bags, and plastic bags. But if high school students is allowed without any restrictions, the kids still have clear recommendations to pediatricians: only a satchel. Because being on the back, it provides uniform load on the spine, protecting it from harmful to posture distortion, is inevitable if carry, for example, a briefcase in one hand.

However, the costs associated with training of first-graders to school, the cost of the satchel (and most of the sold — imported, expensive) is a considerable amount. But parents have a typical for such cases, a backup solution: make the container itself, especially that, as reflected in the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”, to make it easy: the design of a satchel briefcase is quite simple, and scarce materials and special fittings are not required (I’m in the difficult postwar years the father made a satchel from thick resinous roofing —felts and thin rails at the corners).
Material and shearing
To choose a thick fabric for the body of the container is not the problem: there are duplicated with a plastic layer and hard options such as tarpaulin. In addition, need to be any (preferably wide) straps and simple buckles.
Special cut out almost never need: the housing is formed of cloth sizes 940×330 mm: due to the corresponding bending and firmware of the bends out of it are formed, both walls of the container (front and back); the bottom cap and valve cover. And only for the sides will need two additional strips of the same or a more rigid fabric.
Housing Assembly
Firmware is the main piece of cloth and primaqiune to him all other details don’t have to keep typing — it can be done and hand seam, which when implemented carefully will look more as a decorative finishing element. Sewing the sides of a valid and just cause visible seams at the end of the housing Assembly can be closed sew or glue a decorative strip of the invoice (for example, from imitation leather or braid).
Not enough to collect the case — you need to pack was the shoulder. For this purpose it is necessary to provide belts.
Two of them: they can be fabric, as the seat belts of the car; leather or imitation leather. Under them on the front wall of the housing of the container are sewn or fastened with two metal buttons (like modern jeans or jackets) or Velcro-type “burdock”. Accordingly, at the ends of the straps must be the response part: “Burr” or wire loop.
The straps themselves are sewn in the fold of the cover-valve. It is possible that they form two loops, in which is inserted a wooden rod handle. And loose ends will become the shoulder “straps” being missing at the bottom of the back of the container through the buckle sewn to the bottom, and fixed in the two additional buckles on the middle of them. Buttoned differently, the straps turn into a single large loop that allows you to wear the pack not behind and over the shoulder, which, of course, prefer older guys.

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