SERVING TWO FLOORSServing table, which is presented in pictures, will appeal to those who like things simple and made with his own hands. The lateral support elements of the structures are made of wooden bars of softwood with a thickness of 25 mm.


Each bearing consists of two parts: an extended and shorter, having the form as shown in figure 1. Both elements are connected vpoldereva glue and additionally bonded two screws with recessed head.

Between the supports are two shelves dimensions 650×410 mm, the distance between them is 490 mm. Being mounted in horizontal grooves, selected with the internal side supports (two of groove in the elongated elements and one short piece supports), shelves bind the side members. The joints are glued and bonded furniture screws with round chrome heads.
Shelves — plywood, composite: each has an internal frame of wooden slats conifers 35×10 mm.
The frame is assembled in the form of a rectangle with a brace, strengthening it diagonally and plastered on both sides (in the form of “sandwich”) two sheets of plywood with a thickness of 5 mm. the Long side of the buns lined boards made of plywood thickness of 5 mm and a width of 30 mm; the short side can remain open.
In order to insert the shelf in the supporting side elements, the last selected grooves 30×5 mm: this includes the sides of the shelves.
Tie serving table is a tube of stainless steel with a diameter of 20 mm and a length of 400 mm.
In order to consolidate the tie between the supporting elements, in its end caps are inserted into a tube of hard wood species. They are threaded through a support screws 45×5.
On the bottom shelf in the rear part of which provides for the fence to be installed bottles. It is inserted between the lower sloping support elements. A fence made of metal rods with a diameter of 5 mm, with the dimensions listed in the figure. Two “arcs” of them (390×150 mm) with M5 threaded on the lower ends of the legs connected by two crossbars with a length of 100 mm, soldered in the upper third of the vertical parts of the “arches”. Round washer with a screw hole screwed onto the ends of the “arches” for a length of 30 mm and are for them a kind of focus.
Ready fence if necessary, can be painted with bright enamel or nitropaints. Installed it last. At the bottom of the shelf to do this, drill four holes with a diameter of 6 mm, in accordance with the distance between the legs of the “arches” that are ignored in these holes to lock washers and nuts fastened from the bottom.
The surface of the shelves is also painted or covered with adhesive foil of appropriate pattern and color.
Under the legs of the table attach the four swivel wheel with rubber coating.

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