BOWLING-BILLIARDSThis game develops accuracy, shot power and a good eye. It is easy to manufacture, at the same time original. In any case, none of the guy this attraction you will not find.

The work should begin with cutting out parts of the box 5 and strengthen them together (glue and screws) Bracket 2 fixing ball do not have to do this form, as shown in the drawing. You can collect it from two straps in the form of the letter G. the Pins it is best to carve on a lathe, but you can carefully whittle their bars of this size, as shown in position 3. Wood is a 4 ball for knocking down pins. Two cue 1 vystrugat of slats.
You can now build the game. Install the pins on the shelf where the pre-drilled five holes. Each bottom pin to attach the lace, and under the shelf connect ACE the lace-weight.
To play bowling-Billiards may be two or three people who take turns hitting the cue ball, trying to topple one of the pins. The Central figure is calculated 15, average — 10, and for extreme — 7 points.

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