SKLODOWSKI-CLAMSHELLNot so long ago a Swedish doctor-hygienist B. Akerblom wrote the book on… of furniture, more precisely, about the simplest of its species on the chair. “Five thousand years of sitting incorrectly!” he argues, based on numerous anthropological and anatomical data. His insights not only interesting and practical recommendations for professionals. They indicate that the furniture is still little developed, and therefore, extremely exciting field of technical creativity.

The small modern apartments is in “irreconcilable” conflict with the majority of the samples existing furniture. And the headset, and sets, and items usually don’t want to fit in destined for them by the tenants of the place: the space, the layout is inconvenient. Affected by the fact that functionally any room in the current home is now drawn to the universalization: the bedroom is often a study, a dining room — more of a place for the whole family, living room and often a bedroom for the parents of its members; the kitchen today is not only room for cooking, but also dining room. Hence the special requirements for modern furniture — not so much aesthetic as utilitarian, to be sure she was comfortable, practical, universal (or at least combined) and compact. More planned departure from the traditional bulky, hull structures, all the more noticeable preference to built-in.
And while this problem occupies the minds of many specialists: designers, engineers, artists, interior, architects. Their findings are devoted to exhibitions, magazines, books; some samples being developed by the industry. The fact of these developments, which are available for self-production, we decided to devote a special section of the journal.
Of course, in finding a convenient furniture options involves not only experts, but also the tenants themselves — and that means that many of our readers. So, opening a new section, and we look forward to your active participation in it.
In a small kitchen not accounting for every inch, and besides cutting table-Cabinet, usually occupying almost all the space between the sink and stove absolutely requires at least a small dining table. But no matter how miniature, foldable, compact nor was this table on the legs, he takes himself under another so scarce square meter.
But why does he have to stand even when folded? Could you not keep him on the floor… on the wall? It would be very convenient: do not interfere — and always at hand. Here are two version of this wall-mounted table.
The first is the easiest. It consists of one tabletop, hinged to the horizontal bar on the wall. In the folded, or rather down the sight of such a table is perceived as a decorative panel, especially if its upper face, the surface will be beautifully decorated. This is easy to achieve if you had even the most “humble” materials. For example, you can collect a shield of thin boards or planks, and on top to cover it with a sheet of plywood, choosing beautiful patterned texture of the surface layer. A countertop polished with fine sandpaper, coat it with lacquer furniture, parquet. If they are not at hand, and a epoxy resin — it is possible to apply a thin layer, and the top gently, bubble roll polyethylene film. When the resin cured film easy to fall behind and the surface below it will be as polished.
But it’s easier to make a top made of chipboard (DSP). The surface, of course, itself is not that winning in a decorative sense as in plywood. But it will be attractive, if before varnishing it to render, say, a colored ink, or covered with veneer of valuable sorts of wood, or cover with a sheet of white or colored laminate, using for this purpose the case in the sale of glue Bustilat, casein, joinery and PVA.
Wall mounted table: the left folded right into place.
standing Desk: left folded right into place.
The dimensions of the countertops will depend on the space allocated to it and quantitative composition of the family. But the suspension level, like the height of a regular table, it is recommended to choose in the range of 75-85 mm. as a loop for hanging to the bar better to use the so-called piano. The same can be set and swivel brackets holding the countertop in a horizontal position. All the bars, countertops and brackets — must be fixed to the wall with screws, wineva them in a wooden tube. As screws and tubes when installing, lubricate any adhesive to be kept secure.
The second version of the wall of the table more complicated. Here is the top combined with shelves for dishes or kitchen utensils. Design and suspension system to clear them from the picture. When such a “harvester” is, we only see the shelf hanging on the wall. But here we begin to gently lower shelf and getting on the floor, serving as a convenient and durable support for the adopted horizontal position of the tabletop.
commode table.
As the material for the entire structure it is better to use not thick particleboard with a decorative coating; can also be used in appropriate thickness plywood, thin boards. The table top and shelf are practical and beautiful, even if they just paint nitroemalyu bright colors.
This retractable table, convenient for a family of two or three people.
However, it is not enough to solve the problem of retractable table — because there are the chairs. Even has received in recent times, the proliferation of small step stool Unscrew the legs do not change; you will not be the same every time they assemble, disassemble. So, to occupy that same area that has been reclaimed from table?
No. They also can make wall. Look at the picture. This “accordion” folded up against the wall and, like a fold-up table looks like a single panel. But you raise the outer folded plane, put forward from under them and stretched like a children’s flip book, United in the edges of the vertical panels; lowered on them too spread out horizontal cover and get a makeshift stool. This stool, stretching along the table that can replace two or three stools. The plane serving as a seat, the top can be soft thin layer of foam rubber covered with cloth.
Sliding wall design bench.
Sliding design wall bench.

Horizontal and vertical shields have the same dimensions: 300 X 450 mm; connection — loop. Material for boards — plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm.
This design is interesting in that it is, in fact, universal: it for the model it is easy to make and sliding wall …the table. One only has to make appropriate adjustments to the dimensions of the workpiece.
In this case, we get the original dining set of three wall items. Finishing the surface, as well as in the previous case, can be very different from the colouring by nitroenamels two or three colors to veneering and lacquering. To facilitate vertical panels-stands they sawed a round hole, does not virtually reduce their strength. The maximum value of the sliding reference of “bunching” specified in some durable cord, proderty through each panel and fixed to it by the host.
This small table-bedside table really only three parts. It can be assembled and disassembled in just a few seconds.
Two shield-base size 760 X 600 mm are in the middle of the cut at half the height, its width equal to the thickness of the shield. By putting the slide block one shield to another, the resulting cross-shaped base — a kind of table legs. On top of them overlaps with the third part — round cover O 600 mm, with the bottom 8 in pairs and crosswise arranged bosses-limiters: they are “grasping” the upper ends of the shields of the base and do not allow the cover to move.
Table Table.
To produce such a table, you can use plywood 12 mm thick or particle Board; in the latter case, the shields Foundation, it is advisable to do curly cuts — for relief.
Table-bedside table optional to decorate: it is enough to cover it hanging to the floor in bright cloth. Thanks to a convenient form for such a decorative end table fits well in a corner of the kitchen. It is possible to put a vase with flowers, a fruit basket.
If among the hanging cabinets no section for drying dishes, and wall lattice dryers (by the way, it is noticeable spoiling of the food) no space left, you can make a simple and convenient wooden “hanger” for storage.
Carefully made and carefully finished, it will be located next to the sink on a cutting table and not take up much space. If necessary, it after drying, can be suspended, like cooking boards, or disassembled and folded into a flat package.
Board cut two bars of the same length, 18-20 pencils-sticks — that’s all preparation for such dryer. Drill through the bars and boards-the basis of the corresponding amount of holes, insert them in sticks — Assembly completed. The maximum distance between the bars that serve as lateral stops for the edges of dishes, will dictate the smallest available you have plates or saucers; and between the sticks of each row — on the contrary, the large, deep bowls. In comparison with standard dryers this is another important advantage: it can be easily placed even glasses and cups are placed upside down on the pins.
dish Rack.
Board-based in between the bars it is necessary to lay the appropriate sized sheet of polyethylene film — it will drain water from the dish. For protection from moisture, you can also cover all the details of furniture nitro lacquer — he’s not afraid of water, and the wood texture under it “manifest” began to play.
Optional bonding of the dryer by means of glue or other means: construction and so durable enough, but there remains the possibility, if necessary, to dismantle it and fold details at the Desk or in a wardrobe.

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