SOFA CONVERTIBLEIn a small garden house or in a small room at the cottage this furniture will be very functional though, because that day, being assembled in position “sofa”, takes up little space, and at night turns into a large soft bed. This sofa bed besides convenient both for transportation and for storage because the lightweight and collapsible. It consists of two main parts: the soft the hard mattress and slatted base.

It can be any soft mattress — these are currently on sale in a wide range. The only requirement to it — that wasn’t inside the spring of toppings, preventing him to emerge. This would be best for the usual cotton or foam, and latex-based.
Sofa fully assembled
Sofa assembled:
the folded mattress is held by Velcro strap “burdock”, and the trellis frame — clamping of cord (clothesline)

The sofa “bed”:
1 — base sheathing; 2 — trellis frame; 3 — mattress, 4 — Velcro “Burr”; 5 — tightening the cord loops on the ends; 6 — tension band

If there are no ready — mattress is easy to make yourself. Only need fat (if thin, then with several layers of) foam Yes upholstery or drapery fabric for the cover.
For its production need only wooden slats and a few bars for their fastening in the purlin Length of the strips equal to the width of the mattress, and the total amount of sheathing his length.
Reiki fills the bars at intervals equal to the width of the rails. Formed their crate is divided into three sections: one of them plays the role of the back of the sofa and is about third of the mattress; the other two are stacked on one another, constitute the base of the seat formed by the double-folded the rest of the mattress. All three sections are joined together on the door hinges, which provide them the ability to develop-to unfold.
Slatted base, the sofa-bed
Slatted base, the sofa-beds:
1 — base sheathing; 2 — bars of a lattice; 3 — hinge; a,b — sections for folding the seat; the section of the back

Accordingly, the division into sections is selected and the length of bars, which are attached to the slats. The last beat to bruskam nails or screws with screw heads wpoty. Same screws, attach the hinges. While Reiki, appearing under the hinges are installed without gaps between them, back to back.
Position “bed” is formed just crate unfolds and it fit the mattress. These two parts undergo change only with the transformation of the bed in position “sofa”.
First, narrow section of the sheathing overlap with one another, forming the basis of the seat of the sofa. A large section is lifted and set at desired angle by means of a cord connecting the back sections of the seat.
Stages in the transformation of lattice bases
The stages of transformation of lattice bases:
g in position “sofa”, d — to “bed”

Now comes the turn of the mattress. Half of it is folded in half and cinches on the sides tapes with Velcro “burrs”, second part which is sewn to the mattress cover. It now remains to establish folded thus a mattress on a suitably prepared lattice frame, and we get a soft comfortable sofa.
Since the mattress serves not only as a bed but also a sofa, which means that this position is open to the gaze, his case must meet the relevant aesthetic requirements: it must be no less elegant than the upholstery of ordinary furniture. So the fabric for the cover should choose a bright, elegant.
And also the crate will be viewed — it is desirable to ensure more thorough finishing. All racks and bars we are to carefully handle a plane, to Polish with emery cloth and paint with enamel paint or dabbing with the stain and cover with several layers of a furniture varnish with careful intermediate drying.

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