The STAIRS? NO, THE CLOSET!Furniture with doors are not always easy to use. For example, music is better to have in the cupboard, and an open rack with shelves. This facilitates access to both the instrument and its accessories. Not accidentally there are many options of this furniture. For example, as shown here.

Similar to the ladder side open Cabinet (Fig. 1) is a sloping frame with shelves, resting on the wall of the room and on the floor. The frame is assembled from two uprights and two crossbars (boards section 100×20 mm), connected to a round plug-in thorns (pegs) and glue (carpentry, casein, PVA). At the top of the frame has metal lugs with which it clings to the screws or hooks on the wall.
Between the uprights are mounted open shelves made of chipboard, which are placed on the instrument, records, tapes. Number of shelves and distance between them is determined individually, depending on the available equipment and related items.
Fig. 1. The variant of wall open Cabinet with shelves
Fig. 1. The variant of wall open Cabinet with shelves:
1 — stand; 2 — rail; 3 — shelf; 4,5 — wire brackets; 6 — metal hinge; 7 — connecting spike

Fig. 2. Mount shelves
Fig. 2. Mount shelves:
1 — stand; 2 — bracket (wire Ø3, 2); 3 — shelf; 4 — connecting stud (2 PCs.)

Fasten the shelves (Fig. 2) inserted wooden, plastic or metal furniture with spikes, and a supporting wire brackets. The lower curved ends of the latter are received in corresponding holes in the rack, and the top — the holes in the ends of the shelves. Each shelf — two bracket.
Frame can be both rectangular and extending from top to bottom — depending on the placed items on the shelves or to achieve a different aesthetic effect. Then the length of the shelves will vary.
All the wooden parts before Assembly, carefully processed with sandpaper first coarse, then fine. After that they are painted, and the frame and shelves, alternatively, in a different color. For a more decorative edge details and brackets can be dark or even black. In any case, the paint is applied in several layers, with careful intermediate drying and polishing small cloth of each layer.
On the stairs and a second similar design (Fig. 3), characterized in that it can be installed anywhere as it has four legs. Each pair of uprights connected at the top so that the sloping front is based on the vertical back — for the strength of the joints. In figure 4, the connection shown in two versions: with a round spines and flat panels. For the latter is drunk both struts and inserted a piece of plywood on glue (carpenter’s, PVA). After the glue dries the excess plywood panels cut down, and the joints can be smoothed using sandpaper.
Fig. 3. Wardrobe-step ladder
Fig. 3. Wardrobe-step ladder (from the top view of the cover player is not shown):
1 — back front; 2 — front; 3 — horizontal shelf; 4 — instrument; 5 — notched inclined shelf

Fig. 4. Options for connecting the racks of the rack-ladder spikes (left) or inserts (right)
Fig. 4. Options for connecting the racks of the rack-ladder spikes (left) or inserts (right)

Between the resulting L-shaped shelf supports are installed: flat (in the required amount) — for the equipment, figured bottom under audio or video tapes, records, CDs. Mount shelves to the posts, depending on expected loads: — wooden studs, at elevated metal parts or wooden bars.
Sizes are approximate as they can vary for specific types and quantity of equipment and accessories to it. It is clear that the functionality of such furniture may be different, for example, in an open bookcase, a rack for tools or parts in the home workshop or garage.
In accordance with the purpose of the design selected and the types of finishes, from decorative, if we are talking about the rack for the dwelling, to the simplified “garage”, when it’s easy enough to paint all of any oil or nitro.

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