FILTER — GOOD, BUT THE HOOD IS BETTER!Cooking, usually accompanied by a aerosol air pollution in the kitchen and throughout the apartment. In this form fat particles, soot, soot, etc., which are deposited on the ceiling, walls, Wallpaper, furniture, curtains. It is also possible the formation of harmful products of incomplete combustion of gas and unpleasant smell of burnt food.

To combat these adverse events domestic industry for a long time suggested the household elektrovozduhoraspredelitel.
In recent times the most popular nadpochechnymi hoods. In comparison with the cleaners they better freshen the air without the use of replacement filters chemical treatment. My experience has shown that it’s not difficult and you can make the hood for the air cleaner. I upgraded, BEV-2M-1 Togliatti plant. It is of high quality and worked flawlessly I have since 1986. BEV-2M-1 has two modes run air (200 and 300 m3/h), built-in bactericidal lamp, lighting, aerosol filter and chemical treatment To obtain the mode of extraction is sufficient to remove from air cleaner filter chemical cleaning (aerosol is better to leave) and set the funnel over the vent holes in the top cap.
Scheme nadpochechnoj hoods
Scheme nadpochechnoj drawing:
1 — air; 2 — mounting strap (strip 8×2, 4 pieces); 3 — nozzle (steel sheet s0,7); 4 — M3 screw (place); 5 — rivet (number of place); 6 — adapter, 7 — flexible duct

Fixing the grid
The mounting of the grille:
1 — the air cleaner housing; 2 — nut M3 (4 PCs); 3 — washer-spacer (4 PCs); 4 — bracket grates (2); 5 — screw M3 (4 pieces); 6 — grille air cleaner; 7 — special screw-grille (2 PCs)

The bell is made of iron sheet 0.7 mm thick with rivets (of course, you can use other materials, jointing sheets by soldering or bolts) To install it on the upper lid of the air cleaner around the base of the socket bolts M3 cemented metal bracket 8 mm width and 2 mm thick. Then, in bars and, respectively, in the lid of the air cleaner drilled through holes and tapped M3 for the screws. These screws are tightened the legs of the socket to the top cover of the air cleaner.
Thanks to the removal of the filter chemical cleaning decreased the resistance to air flow through the hood and, accordingly, increased the amount of chased by the air. The hood can be used for sterilization of indoor air: enough to remove the duct from ventilation holes and include a built-in germicidal lamp
To facilitate the removal of the lower grille and access to the aerosol filter on the side of the case consolidated two aluminum bracket and instead of the usual screws of the grille used a special hood with large heads that do not require a screwdriver.
Be modified air cleaner surpasses even many of the current drawing as a mode of air sterilization.
The benefits of drawing can be judged by the amount of dirt deposited on its aerosol filter: thanks to the hood that dirt does not enter the lungs of the household.
S. GARMATYUK, Taganrog

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