INSERT IN FOTOKORThe case is a special bag for photographic equipment in the form of a chest (or more precisely – of the box – but it is a very difficult word, easier to say-in the shape of a brick). It is made of double pigskin leather with a felt coating of the inner surface. The case rests on four iron button feet. Served – leather cover and fastens with a portfolio closure. Leather shoulder strap with buckle through pant steel ring riveted to the front and rear walls metal studs. Double as the bag, two handles are also riveted to the side walls, and combined special slip grip push-button clasps. All made on the conscience, “Soviet-style”, but rather – according to GOST.

My case from the date of purchase for 30 years! But apparently he has not changed. After the next cleaning Shoe cream – looks like new. Still served it for its intended purpose and is much more reliable than a modern nylon handbag with cranky zippers.
“Lived” in this first “Smena-8” and “Lover-166”, and “Zenit TTL” and “fed-5B”. In the nineties of the 20th century “settled” in her film Canon Rebel with a camera flash Canon Speedlite 430ЕХ …
Came the 21st century of digital photography. My new cameras with kit lenses and battery charger; liquid for cleaning, USB cable and memory cards fit completely in the scope of this old but reliable photoconductor.
Polypropylene liner in fotokor
The polypropylene liner in fotokor:
1 – bottom; 2 – diagonal partition with bends; 3 – small transverse bulkhead; 4 – large transverse bulkhead; 5 – stitches (severe thread)

Polypropylene liner in fotokor
The polypropylene liner in fotokor
Although needed to make a dividing-wall foam – for the accommodation needs of new photographic equipment.
In the drawing and the photographs demonstrated the principle of separation of volume under my equipment. There remains an additional volume above the partitions for installation of replacement supplies, notebooks.
Under the proposed scheme of division of space cases came the opportunity to lay the two prepared to shoot camera either “Jack” or vertically.
All spare equipment can be laid on the bottom of the bag, under the padding.
Worn curb cases either in the hand or on the shoulder strap. The best option is throwing the belt “pochtalona” through the head, on the other shoulder.
The photographic division of the case by liner
Separation of photographic Goodies at your disposal through the liner
The production liner does not pose any difficulties. Of travel of the Mat with scissors cut the bottom of the workpiece (1), the diagonal partitions with two bends at the ends (2) and two transverse walls (3) and (4).
On all the details we have to round the corners. In a diagonal partition wall to facilitate the bending – notching a single layer of foam. Then sew all the baffles to the bottom of conventional needle known twine (5).
Ready liner and warm, and soft, and moderately elastic, and it provides safety (eliminates bumps and unwanted contact) photographic when carrying.
While retro and vintage fashion – old fotokor in business.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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